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  • notes, Free Trade/Fair Trade Forum

    So I was sitting there struggling with the overcomplixified MS access relational tables structure trying to figure out how to establish a data report based on four interrelated (two one-to-many and one one-to-one relations.. I think there is something going on when you drag a premade report into the report design field, though), when Octavio […]

  • after watching Malcolm X so when chicano activists…

    after watching Malcolm X so, when chicano activists say “we did not cross the border, the border crossed us”, are they borrowing from Malcolm X’s saying in the NYC church, “we did not come to Plymouth, Plymouth came to us”? the “did you know brother minister what so and so did before going to heaven? […]

  • memos, Joy Ann James Keynote Speech

    Duchess Harris quote: (not exact) I’m the chair of American Studies, we deal with comparative Racial Formations and we are excited to be part of the curriculum ow! existential crisis! African American Studies Conference Incarcerated Intelligence: African Americans and the Prison Industrial Complex Joy Ann James keynote speech: Democracy and Captivity memos James shows […]

  • aurora levins morales

    aurora levins morales talk, 12:00pm sense of history -> resistance destruction of memory -> subjugation (makes oppressedness seem like a natural aspect of the peoples lives) self as an counterexample “adwomenster (sp)” Nelson Myers 1898, spanish war, great plains, arabian peninsula, immigrants Puerto Rico, intermediaries, the work of women, produce ginger, used for the working […]

  • film notes, bamboozled

    is Delacroix playing the west indian? misrep people? why is his room (the white boss) full of “negro” stuff? “variety skit show” boss at the middle, evaluators to the side, the performer in the middle is he wearing the arab stuff on purpose? urgency/diff

  • white supremacy, racism, racialism

    in “White Supremacy: a comparative sutyd in american and south african history”, frederickson makes the distinction between white supremacy and racism. first, racism is too ambiguous. second, racism is an essentialistic mode of thought that gives racial attributes to given populations. (frederickson characterizes them as “the fact that populations groups that can be distinguished by […]