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  • Who Inquires? Assumed Interactions at Art Exhibit

    Yongho Kim Principles of Art March 18, 2005 Material Inquiry is a month-long national exhibition of textile and fiber arts works at Macalester College. I briefly toured the exhibit on the morning of March 18th, the closing day, for comments and thoughts to be submitted at the Principles of Art class.

  • Outline: AIDS, politics of accusation, and racially bound female bodies in the Korean American public discourse

    Medical Anthropology March 3, 2005 Yongho Kim My paper aims to make the claim that geographically and racially imagined narratives within the Korean American community (in particular New York City) that portray the AIDS/HIV epidemic as originating from outside the ehtno-nationally defined core of the Korean American community have contributed to the ongoing process of […]

  • Polio Resurgence, Control in Saudi Arabia and Surrounding Areas.

    Medical Anthropology Short paper on current issues in infectious diseases February 25, 2005 Yongho Kim Poliomyelitis, called “polio” for short, is a viral infectious disease affecting mostly young children between the age of 3 to 5 years. It is caused by the poliovirus, with three recognized strains – non-paralytic, spinal paralytic, and bulbar – and […]

  • Anthropology Senior Seminar Yongho Kim February 24 2005…

    Anthropology Senior Seminar Yongho Kim February 24, 2005 Assignment: One-page summary of the theory of your research paper. Does it belong to a particular type? Is it informed by particular types? If it cuts across theoretical lines, which theories does it cut across? My research paper argues that social relationships among the GW riders is […]

  • Superstructures and subaltern practices in the ANC and the SCLC

    Fredom Movements Essay 1 February 23, 2005 Andrew Ancheta Yongho Kim In his controversial book Black Marxism, Cedric Robinson argues that “the roots of Western racism took hold in European civilization well before the dawn of capitalism” (Kelley, 2000: 12). In a differing approach from George Frederickson to the overlaps of racism and capitalism in […]

  • False (third world) Consciousness

    False (third world) Consciousness Response to presentation on public art Art 149: Principles of Art February 17, 2005 Yongho Kim Assignment: Consider a favorite space in your life. … In a length of 1-2 pages, describe this place in detail, thinking especially about physical qualities of the site which conribute to your positive recollections. Can […]