Category: philosophy

  • [Aaron Hubbard] Descartes/God/Kant (?)

    Aaron Hubbard: (…) Descartes grapples with those concepts that arise only with leisure. He questions that which he can really know, that which he can discern from the real, and concludes nothing other than that he thinks. His problems with sun on p.118 arise from the definition on the sign by its relation with other […]

  • [Lindsay Gosis] individuality

    Lindsay Gosis: In both Debord and Foucault, the issue arises or lust exists, of the problematic relentless from the individual reality/ideality and the spectacle/government of individualizarism (Foucault 420). Described in terms of subject/object., the individual reality cannot act as the subject of the discussion, because the spectacle, as its own force creating itself (drive?), affects […]

  • HCST Definitions

    Definitions jotted down for the final HCST paper. Yong Ho Kim The real is illusory as long as it is confined within the borders of the Other. The real is a network of derouted desires intertwined in a stubborn desire, or drive, that guides the individual’s forces towards an arbitrary direction. In the real, the […]

  • [Audun Solli] spectacle

    Audun Solli: The “spectacle” is a complex term that refers to the mechanisms that the present dominant mode of productions, i.e., capitalism. The spectacle is the source of the only discourse that is used in capitalism, secular society: it’s a celebration of a choice already made about the mode of production. In other words, the […]