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  • Transitions – I've Got the Light of Freedom

    transitions-ive-got-the-light-of-freedom.doc Payne, Charles M. 1995 Transitions In I’ve Got the Light of Freedom: the organizing tradition and the Mississippi freedom struggle. Pp. 284-316. Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press. I’ve Got the Light of Freedom the organizing tradition and the Mississippi freedom struggle Chapter Ten Transitions Before the summer project last year […]

  • May Day 2006 and the Gulf War

    Before hitting Wilshire and Western at 4:00 pm, we are sitting in the lounge watching Fox News, which is broadcasting live rallies in Downtown and Santa Ana. That looks pretty hard to match up. Then we think of our plan for today. Ever heard CNN’s of live Gulf War broadcasting? Iraqui scud missile headquarters used […]

  • [DEBATE] peter waterman. International Marxist Embarassment Month?

    From: peter waterman To: “debate: SA discussion list” Cc: Virginia Vargas Date: Apr 12, 2005 3:20 AM Subject: [DEBATE] : International Marxist Embarassment Month? If we need this kind (See Below) of gushing, this kind of emoting, this kind of identification between Trotskyism/Geuvarismo and particular contemporary individuals or parties, then I really think we […]

  • first I see this article on the pervasive…

    first, I see this article on the pervasive effects of Walmart in the city and, a commentor had told the writer to not be so blatant about his own “biases”, and mocked at the fact that his google adsense (content-specific text advertising) was showing ADS of Walmart. Indeed, next to the article criticizing Walmart, […]

  • Superstructures and subaltern practices in the ANC and the SCLC

    Fredom Movements Essay 1 February 23, 2005 Andrew Ancheta Yongho Kim In his controversial book Black Marxism, Cedric Robinson argues that “the roots of Western racism took hold in European civilization well before the dawn of capitalism” (Kelley, 2000: 12). In a differing approach from George Frederickson to the overlaps of racism and capitalism in […]

  • class notes. freedom movements

    february 21, 2005