Category: techie

  • Internet Explorer and Firefox suddenly show strange string of texts

    From a couple of weeks ago, my browsers have been acting up and showing meaningless strings of text on top of the web page or simply did not load the page at all and instead filled the screen with the texts. At first, I thought it was Google-related pages. such as gMail and Google Calendar, […]

  • BlueHost growth

    BlueHost is growing very fast, and part of that are periodic mass downtimes of various servers, including the PHP5 Box 150. As gleaned from the Excel Sheet below, BlueHost has been growing on an average rate of 400 domains a day. It’s kept this pace more or less since September of 2005, which is when […]

  • CHIRLA is using CivicSpace!

    CHIRLA just went from the old plain HTML to this: (CivicSpace powered). Someone in the staff is very, very adventurous. [Tags]civicspace, website design, content management software[/Tags]

  • funky WordPress 2: saved post editing, cat permalink

    WordPress 2 (the pseudo official version.. not RC, available under /downloads, but unannounced as of yet under /blog ) bugs/malfunctionings found so far: When clicking previously saved draft posts, the screen moves automatically to /text/?p=POSTID which obviously doesn’t exist yet, and so it shows an error message. The new permalinks structure (neat small .htaccess!) seems […]

  • my thought process doesn't seem to follow a fully rational path (re blog layout)

    I like my design. A lot. In particular there are some gimmicks here and there I could use for various related (but not the same) purposes – some of them are technically possible, some of them are possible but not semantically correct (from the point of view of WordPress PHP flow) and some just don’t […]

  • regarding the lack of supports towards in page…

    regarding the lack of supports towards in-page markers (e.g. URL#bookmark) in mediawiki, managed to implement them. how? dunno