funky WordPress 2: saved post editing, cat permalink

WordPress 2 (the pseudo official version.. not RC, available under /downloads, but unannounced as of yet under /blog ) bugs/malfunctionings found so far:

  1. When clicking previously saved draft posts, the screen moves automatically to /text/?p=POSTID which obviously doesn’t exist yet, and so it shows an error message.
  2. The new permalinks structure (neat small .htaccess!) seems to be unable to process nested categories as independent categories. Previously, all /de /en /cr /es , all nests of /a (as in ( /c/a/en ) were accessible at /c/en , which now returns There is no “” category (which is funny, as it should at the least show “there is no “en” category”) but they are now only accessible under the logically correct (/c/a/en ) category permalink.







One response to “funky WordPress 2: saved post editing, cat permalink”

  1. Got “saved post editing” down.
    It’s the same reason for which Frame buster plugin doesn’t work. In the edit screen, there’s a new IFRAME method or something of the sort which presents the original post screen exactly as it should show up, using the current theme file and all that. Now my header.php loads up /w-en/skins/common/wikibits.js which has this line:

    // Un-trap us from framesets
    if( != window ) = window.location;

    which will “refresh” the URL if it’s trapped within a frame. Now, the edit screen is framing the post preview (omg) so that’s how it happened. I deleted that line from wikibits.js

    I think I’ll report #2 to the forums

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