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and then I think as far as field leads we’re waiting on Roc and OC VIP
can you pass me on my work phone is right there another pillow under the pillow
give it to your sister
Annie would you actually be able to make your own Coco ho so he could screen share thank you
downhill one or two hello
his one or two young cold should we co-host one or two I’m thinking maybe one cuz yeah
oh you’re not
hope you’re doing well
I’m going to meet myself I’m going to call the leaves and see their ETA
some folks are just receiving their paycheck right now so it’ll be on in about 3 to 4 minutes
okay Siri so they can see you all
this project
alrighty can you all hear me yeah. My folks with me hear the her callers trying to figure out why there’s no audio on my end as in you can’t hear us or can we can hear you
trying to see what there’s no audio here
yeah I can hear you guys can hear me but I can hear you I’m just trying to see why we can’t hear you all like myself from the TV and just everybody Jackie and Raymond over that’s the kind of high
say hi to everybody I got kind of folks here
getting ready to start in R and okay it looks like oh actually we have folks training right now for ID you want to give them in a minute or two Leslie or do you just want to start
y’all can just go ahead and start okay so I want will we kind of wanted to do a little mini silicone rayshun typically we have like our last day before we eat together and in the office and like we just get to know each other and kind of just mingle with one another and celebrate each other’s complish man but given the pandemic where are assume it’s our only option right now so we’re just trying to work with what we got but we still wanted to just take that moment to be able to appreciate all the colors and all the field least I put in all the work in this campaign so we finally reached the end of our senses dialer campaign
plus I wanted to thank all of y’all are the colors for being down to make these calls collectively since April 20th we made 166 and 609 calls and we were able to talk to 35279 folks so y’all should feel very accomplished cuz that’s a lot of conversations going and honestly this was really important because the folks that we were contacting actually live in the hardest account census tracts so that means I’m back in 2010 when they did the census these folks are most likely left out of the count and typically these folks are low-income communities of color so your conversations with them a chance at representation and necessary funding in addition these conversations actually helped us prep for our next fight for more funds through a ballot measure on the November elections schools and communities first so that’s why we were asking folks like what their opinion was about corporations paying their fair share and now getting the pandemic I just said we’re very limited what we could do so typically we do door knocking cuz that’s like the most valuable and reaching those hard to count community so we just improvise a little bit so since we couldn’t go door-knocking and that’s why we went through the list of Voters about four rounds so I really appreciate your section through all those voicemails cuz I know Tarzan what’s a lot of voicemail so shut up and then actually I realized I just hopped into it and your uncle actually do you just want to share what’s going on on your screen and had a pink yeah
one says yes
rapper concerts for the rest of y’all we had a Korean and language called also going on on the dialer so to make sure that you know everybody just hears these words of appreciation in Yonkers going to be translated in Korean on the screen so he was just instructing folks on how to make sure that as we talked his screen stays on The View yes oh my bad I forgot to mention that the first I just rushed into it but all right so let’s get going so I think all of y’all deserve to be recognized
so I just want to thank I just want to go through all of y’all and acknowledged and thank y’all so far ocnj we had Hannah Micha que le haga Miami Joe Cruz Katherine Donahue and then also you are correct me if I’m like messing up your words your your name please Catherine I’ll take Catherine the highest price that you go Angel Zavala Oscar’s that I’m Maria de Santa Maria
Alex Hernandez yaosca ejtn everybody please give them a round of applause
Caleb Pinocchio Melinda Hernandez Griselda Hernandez Jane Tran van and innocence your phone or yeah please let me know people if I’m punching your name Jason barcenas salary of ER and Angelica Campos thank you
Loretto Isaiah have Aiden Pham minji Kim jiwon Park Eun on Shin Young kieko Here Beyonce Shine Your shiny or Damien Kim Lincoln Park Dentistry on Alico and Nikita goyal thank u r e
we had a beer right you couldn’t join us today they’re actually making PDI coso means their hands Eileen as opposed to ask play syre so extra shallots them for having to put in that extra movement with their fingers we have lamb Nguyen Minh Pham Jade to Julissa lagunes Lissette Arroyo mean when Steven Pham Sarah Tran and you know when so yay for OC VIP we had our by StoryBots. Anthony Reyes Sandra thank you Anthony Kira David Kasper Blanca Flores Jacqueline Aleman Luis Aleman Martha Aragon Jennifer at a who oatmeal Pavia pattiya canlas Mark Paradis and Anna Duran everybody and then we had they also couldn’t join us today we had Blondie Morales Alan Morales Laura Geronimo Eric Hardy has Sebastian Mota Diane Rios and Dana Solomon
Mercy they also couldn’t join us today Savannah Morella Valerie Reyna Yvonne Adam Alberto Morales Samantha Michelle Vasquez yay so those are all the folks that were helping us make all these calls I wanted to now pass it over to the to the leaves to shine some light on your so I’m just going to go I’m just going to look at everything on my screen to the right and the first one is nest
a ya so great job everybody I am especially proud of my team I think that this campaign got a little a little bitter sometimes but you know they shut up with nothing but dedication and we surpass work also like I’m I’m just incredibly proud of you guys I’m going to say just like one quick thing about each of the collars we had a few volunteers but I’m going to just say if you think I read something about like the same liani who is not here I was always able to you make being light and funny for all of us and we have a good group chat that we were always trying to like each other or keep morale up and Liana was very very funny and able to like keep the mood light Kayla who is here I will always excitement about your wine and that was all this it’s like a funny thing till I talk about I also really love your animals and you sharing them with us on the cause was really fun and I was also not hear their dedication and my commitment to continue to show up even through health issues was really empowering uplifting so thank you to everybody it was really really great to be your lead and steel everybody from start to finish thank you everybody can we give a round of applause for that please ye cool thank you so next would be any I don’t necessarily know remember if we reminded are some bakeries that this would be with everyone
but to all our o Topica team and Kyla Jason Griselda Josh and telepathy and Melinda and Valerie you all were so so amazing that this campaign and like you really had such good energy and you brought a lot of heart and cares the call like I remember Jason would like sailing no I want to make more call zai let’s keep going like it’s your dedication and your passion is the reason why I or able to outreach to so many people in such a meaningful intentional away and even sometimes I know that it’s hard and you filled it like you do doesn’t matter but look at look at all these other folks are doing this with you like there’s always a community around you and we’re always going to be here to support you be on
so we have a few superlatives that we have prepared for you all Christina if you want to show them yes I’m I don’t know if you want to share with us cuz I can’t screen share or you can just give me if you want
02 startup are superlatives today is also really spinning sorber superlative for the day is actually for Kyla and this is actually for most likely to just thought I would really come fitting after we heard you sing our next one is this is what this one is for Melinda and it’s for being most likely to keep on digging even with your other responsibilities like we’ve noticed how much effort you put into this work even though I do have other risk was like family responsibilities and school work and everything thank you so much for all your efforts this next one is like Griselda and it’s for being most likely to have a meaningful conversation with collar like listening on your calls you really do know all of your stuff and like every single time anyone has a question for you like you and Millie answer them and it’s amazing where our next caller we all we have J who is not here however she is most likely to start conversations on the importance of Civic engagement and we really love Jana
who’s not here today I work on Banker her name is also are her name is Vanna and she is most likely to jump out of her comfort zone cuz this is her first time making ever which is very nice next to our next one is for gin and for Jim it is for being most likely to push through all the rejection calls for that one amazing call listening on your call and you have been really really adamant on Lake trying to just get the next contact and try to make sure you got next call is like the best call until I really appreciate all your work our next caller next song Banker to add to the Highlight is Josh and for being most likely to get collars to answer the fair tax question and so we had I wish we put this because you actually have a really great dropped number or jock great number and sell your Uber the highest Cowboy collar colors to open the overall campaign for a first-time phone Banker that’s insane Saga hacks
and Jason for being most likely to call E-Check of his called I’ve noticed while you’re like trying to do calling that you are very you want to make sure you the script is perfect everything and I really appreciate like how much after you’re playing a picture into ensuring that every single call is like a perfect quality like off and then for our next caller on this is for Valerie and for being most likely to go through a ship without any complaints for any colors listening on your calls and like seeing when you give us feedback is most of the time you’re telling us like oh I don’t have any complaints or any like mean people and so it’s like it’s been really nice that also hear that so I can you also sound like you’re doing like your best calling as well and then for our last not least important jelica and this is for being most likely to have a fierce come back to a non-supportive collar and so I’m listening on your calls and like hearing like your personality and stuff like you’re someone who is super like playing listen to me in like I’m going to be like do is work like don’t worry about me like I’m going to be super focused and productive and so I really appreciate all your efforts as well and so that’s all we I have for superlatives and four at last, so I just thank you so much everyone for being here in for do it for sticking out all through this campaign anything else him no just that not just I receive I think all of you all are going to be such great leaders and whatever we work that you do so thank you a can we please get him a round of applause for the 15
the lowest you actually right next to a me
I know you are doing great work and you know special Timber Cove it isn’t exactly the easiest job to do right in the way in the way were traditionally used to even a great group of a phone Banker Sometimes some of them that were first-time some of them that were new I mean that the old-timers service was a pretty cool group you know to do things because Zoom it’s kind of like a little weird right because you were being phone banking music spreading folks out across the office right so this was the first time we were doing phone banking through the program and also phone banking via Zoom right we we had a zoom chat going every day in and really checking to see what the updates are you know Jackie and Vivian were a kind of our veteran phone Banker / canvassers write all of that Martha did Mark Morphin baking puffer vest it was new right because she’s she’s only been at this point used to doing paper phone banking right so she learned how to do all my phone banking right so it’s and you need a new thing you knew effort right the rest of the of your folks were first time doing phone back as a full-time some of them are Cancers so for them was also transitioning from doing canvassing enough to come banking I think one of the finest experience and and I know it sounds weird. Everybody had was voicemails is a lot of creative voicemail is that fooled you into believing they were actually answering the phone I know you would go along with it and you guys wait a minute this is a phone you know phone back I know Jackie got one where she was in a restaurant like I was in a restaurant is a guy using a restaurant and the waiter was saying oh we’re going to take away your food and stop it and you can’t be dining here by yourself I guess you fell for it and tell her she got to that point and cigar this is not true right we got a lot of his ribs are pretty funny
weird people who were like I’m not answering this question cuz I voted for Trump cuz they were not calling for the election were calling for the senses right but overall you know we had a great team Sanders always been a great lead we’ve been working there a VIP for 3 years now so it’s kind of been the least for the Geordie that time so I knew you was a good hands and making sure that if anybody needs help anybody need any coaching or anybody needs any really are rebooting issues with their computer she was on on board and really our callers were we’re really good at being flexible and then and I think we look forward to working with them again if we have until the fall but you don’t know for every organ fall so different I know for every organ pain of an experienced driver not used to this socially distance campaign work but it was pretty fun for all our phone Banker end up having fun and we can look forward to it so we know what holds a mess in the future just want to thank you all and thank those set for letting us be part of it thank you can we give a round of applause for OC VIP
next to Lee would be Leslie finale hey hey what’s up everybody I just want to thank you all for all the work y’all have done as other words to it’s great to have been able to stay communicated with y’all through slack and even oset thank y’all for the support I’ll give us where there it was materials technical support anything y’all were there for us I’m going to give some quick shout outs to my English from Bankers minji Isaiah Laura Aiden y’all always come through with positive energy y’all are super funny y’all are just amazing top like the best on Bankers I could ever ask for the work y’all do and continue to do like I hope you all know how much I appreciate it that y’all are still willing to come through and make some calls and every shift I know this this campaign is a little rough but thank y’all for everything and real quick Jazz invention Audi did Duke Rihanna which caused the shot out so much to my Korean in language phone Bankers I know who the dialer was rough for y’all and y’all still like had no complaints came through had such positive energy my grandson Bankers wear hewan Buena young he hear Sean shine and also add his own service team they hopped on for a majority of the canteen thanks y’all for the hard work out has done y’all have other responsibilities other stuff to do in y’all still showed up every shift the ceraadi service team is Chick young Jenny Damien and Holly y’all came through so so much and I wouldn’t have been able to have done this campaign if it wasn’t for all of y’all’s hard work so thanks y’all I really really do appreciate you and I hope we can see the results in November and even in Fall before elections and yeah I’m really grateful for you are the best where can we please give a round of applause to a d and then I also want to give a shout out to all the field needs to Christina Annie Louise Leslie and a bra in the list are you lie Eric Vincent and Sandra a round of applause for everybody my kids are
so thanks everybody for sharing I hope that this little words of appreciation can leave y’all feeling like y’all are going to enjoy your night and y’all get to have a break. Thanks again y’all and I honestly hope that I’ll be seeing you soon so hopefully this is not the last goodbye I’mma beat you can say it’s not goodbye whatever or whatever I can actually but I’m trying to say that one where it says like it’s not a goodbye it’s not whatever I’m going to try all right
I think y’all thank you thank everybody this isn’t goodbye it’s see you later thank you bye
do everyone everyone but I have a good one
I am home all right are we going fishing is there anything yeah I don’t think so we just have meeting tomorrow for Dory and that’s it

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