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Hi, my name is Yongho Kim, and this is my personal website.

I work with groups in the social justice sector on voter engagement, design and websites.

I participate in the online project FemiWiki, which seeks to counter anti-feminist narratives that have been dominating the Korean language internet, by being a “Wikipedia” of the progressive sector. The site is mostly in Korean but also slowly building an English language section.

I run a website in Spanish providing tips about Korean language learning – Aigo Coreano. I started the project to preserve my Spanish language skills.

A photoblog.

    I was talking with my parents about some difficulties at work last night, and dad brought up the question “what […]
  • Extracting samples for CalScope study
    Documenting blood sample self-extraction for a CDPH coronavirus study.
  • Testing self video
    I have never really taken selfie photos before. Here, I’m testing out various technical questions related to filming myself on […]
  • Colorful Eviction-Promoting Advertisement
    This 1/3 page ad in a Korean newspaper today is kind of amazing. It’s riddled with strange translation artifacts, but it seems to wink at landlords to take it to their law firm and start evicting people “right now!” while pretending to be a PSA by giving information to “both sides” (tenants and landlords).
  • What does “patchiness” mean in this context?
    Addressing this question from HelloTalk: What does “patchiness” mean in this passage? Is there a similar word in Spanish? “Many […]

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