quick usability comparisons after switching from the sprint htc hero to the droid

should you switch from hero to droid? yes. some quick usability comparisons after switching from the sprint htc hero to the droid:

where droid’s better (be it the hardware or eclair – i can’t tell)

  • finally, a respectable response speed. (see “hero sucks” below)
  • on a related note – no longer scared of opening full webpages like techcrunch – browser won’t freeze/crawl
  • when wifi is available, it turns off the 3g to switch to something that looks like edge to save batteries.. or maybe it just disconnects data altogether?
  • multiple gmail contacts sync (calendar sync is with only one)
  • unified multiple imap/exchange inbox
  • seems to have a stronger bluetooth receptivity, because with hero, when i placed the phone on the left hand side of my body (i’m left handed, so that’s a better position while i bike) while listening to music, i used to get frequent interruptions and i thought it was the headset’s (blueant x5) fault. turns out i no longer have this issue with the droid.
  • contacts app includes a “join duplicate contacts” feature
  • i am not 100% sure but it seems the design is ambidexterous compatible! i have been instinctively using this with my left hand. (i’m left handed)

where droid sucks

  • non-standard microUSB/charging port. (hero has a standard microusb) moto why did you have to do this to me.. :/
  • the button placement still leads to hitting the wrong ones at the wrong times multiple times a day
  • the tiniest possible power button – it’s hiding behind a small chin and it’s hard to press it without looking at it.