Testing self video

I have never really taken selfie photos before. Here, I’m testing out various technical questions related to filming myself on an impromptu selfie stick. Filmed using a Pixel 3a smartphone.

  • does the external mic work? yes
  • how wobbly is the video? does it need a gimball? it seems.. okay..
  • how much environmental noise can this setup withstand? a ton, actually. There was construction going on to my side and I could still hear myself
  • How much impediment does the mask represent for capturing sound? I can hear myself pretty clearly through the mask.

There is, however, an unexpected length discrepancy between the video and audio portion of the recording. The audio is about 1% shorter, and in the second clip, it aligned towards the end. In the first clip, however, it as shorter, but it didn’t align towards the end. I’m thinking maybe the Pixel 3a is not fast enough to process the video in real time, resulting in the audio problem.


Colorful Eviction-Promoting Advertisement

This 1/3 page ad in a Korean newspaper today is kind of amazing. It’s riddled with strange translation artifacts, but it seems to wink at landlords to take it to their law firm and start evicting people “right now!” while pretending to be a PSA by giving information to “both sides” (tenants and landlords). It reads:

Emergency Information! Public Notice about Special Law about the ‘California Eviction Catastrophe’!

– Law Angeles APC

[Left Box: How Business and Residential Tenants Can Defend from Eviction]

Although California’s Governor signed a eviction moratorium through 2021 due to COVID-19, you have to recognize that there are numerous exceptions due to a new California law.
Depending on CASE, the building owner can do a lawful eviction lawsuit any time. Therefore, you could be evicted! Landlords should also recognize that they have the right to use the new law’s exceptions to evict them. We are confirming to you that a lawful response can protect your business and home for a long period of time.

[Right Box: How Landlord Can Evict Tenants in Commercial and Residential Buildings]

Many building owners are struggling and in much pain due to COVID-19. California’s Governor said that evictions are frozen until January of 2021 if tenants pay 25% of the rent, but we are letting you know that based on a new California Eviction Law(Unlawful Detainer), depending on CASE an eviction is very possible. You also need to be cognizant that the proposed Mortgage Payment Postponement Act is wholly up to the bank(lender), and therefore there is absolutely no guarantee about mortgage postponements.

Attack fast and conclude it fast! We are letting you know that landlords have the right to both evict and claim UNPAID RENT from your headache-causing tenant.

[Bottom disclaimer] We are letting know to landlords and tenants who are eligible for the above new California Special Eviction Law, that experienced, talented, powerful attorneys can use eviction and eviction defense to protect businesses and tenants from eviction for a long time, and use eviction defense law to lawfully live in their apartment or run their business for long time, and that the exception clause allows for immediate eviciton. And we also protect your home through Bakruptcy Law Chapters 7, 11, 13 and bankruptcy stoppage.

Inquiries: Law Angeles APC “Free consultations on a first-come, first-serve basis”
3055 Wilshire Blvd Ste 600, LA CA 90010. 213-414-0609, 213-414-0610


Two months ago I upgraded almost all my…

Two months ago, I upgraded almost all my computer components except for the SSD, PSU and monitors, because I was getting tired of how it was beginning to show sluggishness. I could choose to step down the heavy usage a bit, but also felt a little bit money could do the trick. One thing led to another and it ended up being a bit more than what I originally planned to do.. but we are here now.

Tonight, I pushed the computer pretty close to its limits, and satisfied to see that it still hustles around without breaking much of a sweat

  • Ubuntu server running on VirtualBox to run nginx RMTP repeater that copies the livestream to both Twitch and YouTube
  • OBS streaming
  • a voice transcriber webapp for the livestream
  • Voicemeeter (virtual sound mixer program)
  • BlueStack creating a virtual instance of Android on whcih I’m running HelloTalk (a Language learning partner app)
  • HelloTalk messages webapp
  • WhatsApp webapp
  • Hangouts Webapp
  • A dozen Google Docs/Spreadsheet windows open for document cross-reference and taking notes
  • A dozen WordPress tabs open in editor mode
  • A dozen chrome webpage tabs open for research
  • YouTube
  • Slack, Signal, Discord, KakaoTalk
  • A dozen File Explorer windows for design assets
  • Dropbox
  • Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop all open with no open documents, because they take a long time to load


What does “patchiness” mean in this context?

Addressing this question from HelloTalk:

What does “patchiness” mean in this passage? Is there a similar word in Spanish?

“Many ecologists now think that the relative long-term stability of climax communities comes not from diversity but from the “patchiness” of the environment; an environment that varies from place to place supports more kinds of organisms than an environment that is uniform.”

I often see people use double quotes on an expression when the writer is grasping to find a word that precisely describes the writer’s intended meanig.

  1. It’s possible that the word does not exist in this language, and instead of using “the word”, a flshed out out explanation must be provided instead.
  2. Maybe the writer just doesn’t know the word.
  3. The writer feels that a particular word would be a close approximation of the intended meaning, but it’s not quite there. So the writer uses the word, but puts it in double quotes to indicate that the exact intended meaning is the word plus some additional the context.
  4. The word that the writer is using may be a slang or generally not recognized in the specific environment as the class of word to use. (For example, if using a soccer metaphor while describing politics)
  5. The word that the writer picked may be something close to “private language” – something known in a close circle of friends, or a small specialized segment of the population and the writer is aware that this population does not intersect at all with the intended readership.

In this case, however, it’s easier – there is a semicolon, and the flow of the sentence shows us that what follows the semicolon is the definition of the word “patchiness” as intended by the writer. “an environment that varies from place to place”. However, interpretation of the overall sentence reveals a contradiction, which is puzzling:

A. Ecologists think that stability comes from “patchiness”, not from diversity

B. An environment has “patchiness” when it varies from place to place. An environment that has patchiness is not uniform.

Isn’t the concept of an environment that varies from place to place (B) very close to the idea of a diverse environment(A)? What’s going on here?

Maybe the writer is trying to differentiate between what we would usually imagine when we think environmental diversity (just things being different and varied all over the place) with “patchiness” – possibly the overall environment having multiple, smaller areas within – these smaller areas are uniform internally, but each area is different from other areas. This concept also nicely aligns with the visual image of patches of cloth. You have worn jeans, and patch it up with a square piece of cloth. Now imagine a jean made up with many patched pieces of cloth..

I can also think of another concept that is similar to this – when people describe urban landscapes, an interesting concept is the idea of “microneighborhoods” – the idea that there are neighborhoods, just a couple blocks wide, each being pretty homogenous within each microneighborhood, but wildly shifting in demographic makeup, architecture, and mood when moving to another nearby microneighborhood.


Post de imagen


Many of these Biden associates have been pushing…

Many of these Biden associates have been pushing alternatives to Harris, such as Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., former U.S. ambassador Susan Rice, and Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill.