Two months ago I upgraded almost all my…

Two months ago, I upgraded almost all my computer components except for the SSD, PSU and monitors, because I was getting tired of how it was beginning to show sluggishness. I could choose to step down the heavy usage a bit, but also felt a little bit money could do the trick. One thing led to another and it ended up being a bit more than what I originally planned to do.. but we are here now.

Tonight, I pushed the computer pretty close to its limits, and satisfied to see that it still hustles around without breaking much of a sweat

  • Ubuntu server running on VirtualBox to run nginx RMTP repeater that copies the livestream to both Twitch and YouTube
  • OBS streaming
  • a voice transcriber webapp for the livestream
  • Voicemeeter (virtual sound mixer program)
  • BlueStack creating a virtual instance of Android on whcih I’m running HelloTalk (a Language learning partner app)
  • HelloTalk messages webapp
  • WhatsApp webapp
  • Hangouts Webapp
  • A dozen Google Docs/Spreadsheet windows open for document cross-reference and taking notes
  • A dozen WordPress tabs open in editor mode
  • A dozen chrome webpage tabs open for research
  • YouTube
  • Slack, Signal, Discord, KakaoTalk
  • A dozen File Explorer windows for design assets
  • Dropbox
  • Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop all open with no open documents, because they take a long time to load






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