Don't buy into this scheme. It's a sca…

Don’t buy into this scheme. It’s a scam.

Diego Thornton
One President And Owner
8721 Santa Monica B1, Suite 306 Los Angeles, CA 90069
Korean Resource Center
Yongho Kim, Civic Participation Coordinator
900 S. Crenshaw BI.
Los Angeles, CA 90019


Dear Yongho Kim,

I am a developer with a project supported by the Los Angeles Housing Department and the City Counsel and the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Corporation for Supportive Housing for low income to facilitate economic integration of single people, couples and families in temporary or long term situation called “The Hundred’s”, consisting of an apartment building with basic compact units (sofa bed, kitchen counter, working desk, closet, toilet and shower) with windows and balcony at very low rent price, in an extremely good spectrum, allowing the occupants to resources themselves in a safe environment while reorganizing their lives for a stable or better future in your area.

I need from you all information regarding your rent programs, I know you provide a certain amount of the rent for the people on the GR program, varying on each cases. If you can provide me more detailed information it would help us determine a realistic price range needed for existing cases.

The second request I am asking is, the information on the number of single people on the program, just as the number of couples and families as well if you can, or even better if it is disclosed in your annual report I would be more than glade to review it.

These informations are just to help determine the number of housing needed for single, couples and families which represent the three different categories of rooms and apartments dedicated to suite each personal case status of low income people.

Thanks in advance.


OM (Diego) Thornton
8721 Santa Monica BI. Suite 306
Los Angeles, CA 90069

wix. com/dmt20 1 O/Cause 213~308-0193






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