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this is technically a blog. a lot of its entries come from and

also , a large number of spanish poems and short stories ( moved over from a former website or that was no longer maintainable. also, there are records i keep for work (confidential notes are password protected.) as well as school work that just needs a place to be stored while i run from the dorms to the library printer. all those things are in here. i also keep a personal email archive after crashing the last backup dump, mostly password protected.

so this is a very random hodgepodge of things unrelated from one another except for the fact that i need them.

there are some works from other people up here, and i clearly specified whom it belongs to. (it’s up to you to find out how to contact them for copyright permissions, since most of the time i don’t know) unlike my work, i make no licenses regarding text produced by other people. their text may be subject to fair use standards according to u.s. copyright law. google it. i keep their works here because i occassionaly need to print it.

on the other hand, everything i write is for free, i wouldn’t mind putting it on the public domain except that i dislike commercial use, so the closest fully documented legal standard i found regarding distribution of texts was the creative commons license. all text produced by me at this blog is licensed by share alike and non-commercial use. i don’t care about attribution.

oh, and yongho kim is my real name. i would love to write a bit about myself but these days i forgot how to do that with style. those who care don’t need to be reminded here, anyways.

for the record, these are the identifiers i used in the past. note that none of these work now. in particular i use the yahoo email for spam control

formerly used, and now discarded, identifiers:

that should be it to get this started.

identifiers currently in use:

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