So I took the super-hyped religion test…

So I took the super-hyped religion test.. and I came out as Mainstream Conservative Christian/Protestorant. Well, what a surprise, I couldn’t have been otherwise after 6 years of Baptist training. I read over the description and it said exactly what I had been led to think at high school religion classes. Sin is a bad thing, gays and lesbians are sinners even though I might personally have gays/lesbian friends. There is one God, incarnated, blah blah, evil will be judged, salvation through faith and salvation. Disagreeing on the creation of the universe. I was intrigued by the clearcut description and looked at other, Orthodox Quaker (96%) and Sevent Day Adventists (96%) and though they differ a bit, they look the same to me.. Anyway, the clear-cut descriptions led me to take the denominations test.. and I came out as a southern baptist! Ack! And I thought all the time that fundamentalist conservatives were way more crazy than me… how have I survived Macalester?

Also note the lowly commercial underlinings of the spreading quiz sites. How can you trust these capitalist oriented sites to know your personality? I would much rather hold a heated monologue against myself.

“3” color=”#ffcc00″>According, my #1 match is ROMAN CATHOLIC.

#1: Southern Baptist
#2: Assemblies of God
#3: Presbyterian Church USA
#4: Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church
#5: Reformed Churches

EDIT: I found another quiz that fits the religion quiz well.

Your Stripper Name is Tiffany!

You’re a wild stripper… in fact, too wild for most clubs.
When you’re not at the raunchiest strip club in town, you take your act to private parties.
You strip and do all sorts of crazy tricks at bachelor parties, driving the girls wild.
Games, lesbian shows, and even a little fellatio action are all a part of your routine.
You just want to have fun – and get paid to do it.
Chances are you’ll outgrow this stripper thing eventually, or become a hardcore porn star!






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