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the meaning of being a full-time student

I was thinking of how I used time up.. and how much time I had left.

See, there’s 24*7=168 hours in the week.

56 sleep
21 meals
13 church (4 sunday worship +6 friday bible study+ 1.5 mac christian fellas + 1 bible study group)
12 class (4 classes)
4 talks 1.5 (reading circle) +1 (marx series) + 1 (other random talks)
1 music
10 work (4 spanish tutor + 6 infodesk)
Which makes a total of 107 hours.

51 hours are left. If 11 hours can be taken as free time, the remaining 40 hours/week correspond to being a full-time student! I discovered the truth!

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