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Transitions – I've Got the Light of Freedom


Payne, Charles M. 1995 Transitions In I’ve Got the Light of Freedom: the organizing tradition and the Mississippi freedom struggle. Pp. 284-316. Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press.

I’ve Got the Light of Freedom

the organizing tradition and the Mississippi freedom struggle

Chapter Ten


Before the summer project last year we watched five Negroes murdered in two counties in Mississippi with no reaction from the country. We couldn’t get the news out. Then we saw that when three civil rights workers were killed, and two if them were white, the whole country reacted, went into motion. There’s a deep problem behind that, and I think if you can begin to understand what that problem is-why you don’t move when a Negro is killed the same way you move when a white person is killed-then maybe you can begin to understand this country in relation to Vietnam and the third world, the Congo and Santo Domingo.


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May Day 2006 and the Gulf War

Before hitting Wilshire and Western at 4:00 pm, we are sitting in the lounge watching Fox News, which is broadcasting live rallies in Downtown and Santa Ana. That looks pretty hard to match up. Then we think of our plan for today.

Ever heard CNN’s of live Gulf War broadcasting? Iraqui scud missile headquarters used CNN screens to fine-tune their targets.

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Too much school?

Ana put footnotes in Mac’s April 10 Immigrant Rights March flyer. omg.

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Compare with Berkeley’s flyer.

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Colorado College American Cultural Studies External Review


Professor Duchess Harris participated in assessing the curricular scope of the American Cultural Studies Department at Colorado College and offered recommendations as to how it can be developed as a program.

(Review downloadable as PDF)

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Roberto Rodriguez. As America's Latino diaspora evolves, so does the field

Roberto Rodriguez
As America’s Latino diaspora evolves, so does the field

Founded some 30 years ago and at one time believed to be on the verge of extinction, the field of Chicano studies is constantly expanding. As Puerto Rican and Cuban communities grew in the United States in the 1960s and ’70s, so did the demand for fields of study particular to those populations. Now, add to that: Dominican and Central American studies. Peruvian and Colombian studies.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates there are approximately 35 million Latinos in the country, including the island of Puerto Rico. While approximately 60 percent of all Latinos now living within U.S. borders are of Mexican descent, the immense growth of other Latinos in the country has created large populations of Central Americans — including Dominicans, Colombians and Peruvians — so that this group is now the second-largest Latino population in the country.

But do these different ethnic groups constitute one larger national group — Latinos — or should they continue to be classified as individual regional groups? Should the study of all these groups be housed under Latino or Chicano studies? Or should each group foster its own field of study?

As long as the new fields do not subsume the older disciplines and it is not an either/or situation, this expansion is welcome, say many scholars.

However, others worry more about the ability of Latino scholars — and the scholarship they engage in — to make a real connection with the communities they were created to study, let alone the ability to generate more social action. And as many of the charter members of the Chicano studies field begin to retire, the younger scholars are expanding the definition of Latino studies, not distilling it, which could exacerbate the problem.

english Freedom Movements scrapbook

[DEBATE] peter waterman. International Marxist Embarassment Month?

From: peter waterman
To: “debate: SA discussion list”
Cc: Virginia Vargas
Date: Apr 12, 2005 3:20 AM
Subject: [DEBATE] : International Marxist Embarassment Month?

If we need this kind (See Below) of gushing, this kind of emoting, this kind of identification between Trotskyism/Geuvarismo and particular contemporary individuals or parties, then I really think we should abandon Marxism for Catholicism.