I need to learn to schedule my life a little bit.

I need to learn to schedule my life a little bit. The movie thing worked, but I almost couldn’t make it into home.

I think I left home at 3:50 or so. Dumbass, you could have picked the 3:45 bus if you departed 3 minutes earlier. Got some lunch while waiting for the next bus (30 minutes) and went for Buena Park. Damn that mall didn’t feature a movie theater! Geesh, fortunately another one was neaby… Fullerton Mall, which was like 30 minutes from Buena. Reached the theater at 6:30, bought Final Fantasy at 7.

It was good technically, but its scheme seemed more like a graphic designer’s scratchbook than anything else. You gotta see those computer generated faces. Man, the skin was unbelievable. I think they just cared about faces, though. Body expressions and movements were still a little bit awkward.

I asked a kid behind me which final fantasy was the storyline based in and he told me they just made it up. Oh well.

On the return trip, I checked out the clock and it was 9:00.. the bus had passed by 8:57 damn! I had to wait until 9:57 to take route 30 or walk south las palmas and take route 28 at 9:27… then walk north after reaching norwalk. I preferred to stay.

While waiting for the bus, a lady came and told me not to stay at that lightspot near the bus stopping place, since cars could come in out of the blue and crash me. Well, I guess she watches lots of TV. I moved to a box nearby, which was cooler (I looked like a lonely homeless reader) but more uncomfortable. My first coherent post huh.






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