how to use hotel batrooms during 24/7 protests

based on my gut guesses

1. Best will be hotels with a roomy lounge and 1 manager on shift in evenings.
2. Clean clothes. What would a tourist look like? I hoped an explorer hat would do the trick.
3. First time will be hardest because you won’t know where the bathroom is. Ask those who already did it or check for floor plans. Otherwise, walk like you know where you are going, look straight ahead while exploring the periphery looking for the bathroom sign.
4. Walk through the center of hallways and dont avoid eye contact with workers. Remember, you are a guest at the hotel and simply needed to do a bathroom stop before going upstairs.
5. Don’t need to avoid nor greet people, like you would do if you stayed at the hotel. If they acknowledge you, smile and say good night.
6. If you were coming back to the hotel after a rainy night, what would you do? That’s right, you would start to get comfortable. Don’t look like a person who will get right back out. Take off your hat or hood. Close your umbrella.
7. Hold a smartphone on your hand, scroll through it and look like there’s something real interesting (or important) in there, while you walk. If you worked at the hotel, would you want to interrupt someone who looks like a guest who seems to be in the middle of something, just to ask for their hotel keys/ID? I haven’t tried this, but maybe even have a phone call? (Tone the volume down, it’s 4am)
8. Made it to the bathroom? Enjoy producing something, and relax! No one’s gonna care about you on your way out.






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