1 After watching Game of Thrones The…

1. After watching Game of Thrones “The Mountain” advertisements, I buy a SodaStream carbonator to get sparkling water at home
2. i order a co2 replacement pickup-exchange service
3. some middle eastern looking guy delivers it and asks for the replacement, which I had forgotten to place on time. (i’m actually unclear how it works – do i place the bottle outside the apartment room door? or outside the apartment by the sidewalk? the exchange program does not specify)
4. apartment manager receives the package, and by middle eastern guy + small very heavy package + the guy rambles about needing the replacement => deduces the guy could be terrorist and the package be a bomb. Yes, in a delivery truck. Delivering bombs in a carton box. She sternly warns about its explosive potential to another person before passing the “bomb” to her to pass it on to me.
5. This is so great. I love America.






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  1. said apartment manager ended up getting fired

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