Class schedules are partially up!

And the anthro classes seem to be all up! Yay MS. Byrne!

Fall 2004
Medical Anthro W 7:00 Patten
Gender and Family in Africa 2:20 Patten
Anthro of War 1:00 Weatherford
Untitled 2:45 Dean
Globalization 1:10 Dean?
History of Anthro Ideas 10:50 Guneratne
Intermediate German II Huener
Philosophy Mind 2:45 Laine
FIlm Studies 10:10 W7 McDougal
Race/Sex/Work in Global Economy M7 Morgensen
Art of the last ten years 8:30 Celender

Spring 2005
Seminar TR 1:00 Weatherford
Native America TR 1:00 Dean
South Asia MWF 10:50 Guneratne
Tourism TBA Patten
Principles of Art 10:10 Celender







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