RE: What Do Tags Mean? (Tim Bray)

What Do Tags Mean? by Tim Bray

I’m almost convinced that this new Technorati Tags thing is important, but I’m 100% convinced that I don’t understand where it’s going or what the implications are. Which is OK, because I suspect nobody else does either.

my first impression was that it ressembled hit-or-miss’s weighted categories plugin at wordpress now i don’t know the business well but most likely this idea has been around a while. wouldn’t the technorati tags be just another way of representing a distribution of the [category] tag in rss2.0 feeds across the blogosphere?

so there would be a given top x number of categories that technocrati would track down, and then they would be distributed by post quantity. simple huh? as for the undeterminedness of categories, that might be a problem if you deal with a small scale network, but if they do track every single blog (or most of it) as they claim they do, the top big categories should really narrow down to a few mouthfuls. after all, there aren’t that many words in the english language (?)







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