[Jack Weatherford] ANTH490 Checklist for Invited Speakers

Checklist for Invited Speakers: Anthropology 490

Before the Class:

1. Explain to the speaker carefully what you want the speaker to do.

2. Find out if any special equipment or handouts are needed.

3. Decide on the format with the speaker. How long will the speaker speak? Is the speaker one member of a panel? Or will it be all question and answer, slide presentation, or what?

4. E-mail or write a confirmation restating the time, place, topic and other relevant information.

5. Send directions to the speaker or precise instructions on the location of the class. If the speaker is coming from off campus you might arrange to meet outside the building. Show the speaker where the washroom is located, and escort the speaker to the class.

The Day of the Class:

6. Have water for the speaker — but also offer tea or coffee in addition to the water.

7. Introduce the speaker to the class in three to five minutes. Give the background of the speaker and re-state the topic or purpose of the talk.

8. Have questions prepared and have other students who are prepared to ask them.

9. At the end of the class, escort the speaker out of the building.

After the Class:

Within 24-hours, have the thank-you letter in the mail. Even if you send an electronic version, you must send a paper one for the speaker’s file. The letter must contain at least three paragraphs of at least two-sentences each, as follows:

Paragraph 1: The General thanks in which you summarize the entire event. E.g, “Thank you for speaking to our anthropology seminar on your work educating homeless children in the …..” Always begin the letter with “Thank you.” Never begin with a phrase such as

I want to thank you…. I wish to thank you….. I would like to thank you…

I am writing to thank you… or I am Joan who invited you…..

Paragraph 2: Specific thanks in which you single out one part of the presentation.
“E.g, “The class particularly appreciated the description of how you entered this work
and applied the skills that you had……”
“I very much enjoyed hearing about the individuals whom you described because….”

Paragraphs: Looking to the future. Repeat one phrase of thanks and offer good luck or success for something else. E.g,







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