anth490 negoatiating the course

Assignment: Bring in a list of at least 5 topics or skills you would like covered in the course.

  • spotting statistical exaggerations and issues of overinterpretation

as a student who had at most two weeks of training doing linear regressions, I want to learn the basics of faulty statistical analyses.

  • macro phenomenoms

as anthropologists mainly trained to study the observable, how do we deal with the big stuff? is there a big stuff? when can we say that the NYT is “wrong” in this and that?

  • simplifying anthro

when people ask me what anthropology is, I usually give them the british social functionalist definition, because it sounds most “social scientific”. what could be a non biased explanation of what anthropology is for nonanthros?

  • is there a way to deal with workplace stress that doesn’t sound like another bourgeios urban advice?
  • i’ll improvise #5







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