Storage crisis!

Yes. It hurts to them. I laughed.

I knew how crazy storage had been last year. So I started packing right away on May 5th. Finished two boxes. They went right away on the 8th into storage. Finished another box. It went on 9th. Another one. 11th. So I got my fifth stack, mostly paper in a small sportlich bag, and I was looloo lala into the narrow Doty corridow where literally thirty-some people had gathered with three to six boxes each. I went past them, since my storage is separate. Our storage is near-empty. I feel priviledged. They were all sweating, running, tense muscles. Outside between Doty and Dupre there was an endless line of people running like crazy with huge boxes in hand. It was like war refugees – just that this was Midwestern U.S., not Khambodia. Good. I helped two or three friends around and left. The Residential Life staff was commenting highly bitchily about the situation. They were supposed to close the place at 10:00pm, but as of now 10:05pm, there’s a row of people with boxes in the hallway. Most of them arrived before 10:00pm, they just haven’t been attended due to the large number of people who showed up last minute. While they wait, though, people keep cramming in. It’s impossible to tell who came before or after 10:00pm. Reslife staff is taking remediary responses – they’re merely giving out stickers, you stick your stickers, and you’re out. (I think this is what they do – unless they want to work till 2:00am or so) One of the girls at the Doty hall office was making highly looking-down comments on most of the people, and the general staff was looking HIGHLY unfriendly. Several people walked in asking when the closing time was. One girl looked angry and bitchy, the other snobby (aka “I am in command, and you’re a meaningless student, unlike me“, another guy was laughing at them, and a friend of mine seemed at most hopeless. I hope their indifference was due to the fact that they were contract workers, and that they had faced highly disgusting residents several times, etc. I don’t get to do any business with these people – last year I did, I hated the experience, and decided to comply to their fucking deadlines so that I can avoid them. I hope this is not the way they usually work. Maybe they’re displacing their frustration at not doing well on class on their residents? Maybe they got badly bitched by somebody and in response punish everyone? Well Reslife complains of students knocking lamps and destroying stuff – WELL SIR MAYBE they’re frustrated students with the fucking disgusting reslife staff! Aha, I bet you haven’t thought of that one!

On another unrelated note, I finished the logic paper. Judging by the face of professor Folina when I turned it in, I will pass this class. I was dreadful, dreadful, dreadful, that I might not be able to make it by Monday. I finished the draft by 3:30pm, proofed it, and turned it in by 4:00pm. Went from 5 pages originally to 15 pages. For the past 15 hours or so I thought I would not make it, get my D+, and receive a brand-new letter from Dean of Academics telling me that I had been dismissed. Oh well.

Woohoo! I got an A- in Elem German!!

Humanities courses completed
GERM15 01 Accelerated Elementary German 4.00 D+ H dist
GERM15 01 Accelerated Elementary German 4.00 A-







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