Mr. Schultz, you can shove "tolerance" down my ass

RE: Intellectual Diversity at Macalester. Joseph Schultz, Mac Weekly Feb 18

Good call, Mr. Schultz. Let’s promote “political diversity”, and you lay it out by splitting the entire 1,800 of the Macalester population into democrats and republicans. I’m not even talking about international spectrum of political ideas, I’m just saying, hey, what ever happened to the 5% that voted green in 2000 (of course they abstained in 2004 because Kerry supporters scared the hell out of them), who in themselves were not purely Green but consisted of a conglomerate of commies, socialists, nazis and the like? What is it with assuming class-elite transnational students are “liberals”? What is it with assuming the opposite of liberalism is conservatism? When you pull a bunch of people you don’t know, observe what they do, and give them a label according to your own heterodoxic understanding of the world, it’s called ethnocentrism. Or, ignorant white suburban tolerance.

Brushing personal, everyday formations of political ideas aside, I’m the ultra-right, and these U.S. “new” conservatives are just a joke. What’s the deal with getting nonwhites in office? What’s the deal with assuming capitalism is “the thing to do” for conservatives? What’s all this rambling on your BIPOLAR diversity? Excuse me, did Fukuyama said that history was ended, well back in 1990?


Repeat after me:

Fucking do fucking not fucking classify fucking nonresident fucking aliens fucking with fucking your fucking categories.






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