notes, freedom movements

feb 14 notes
freedom movements

Louis Baldwin. Soaring MLK (find it at safundi)
Johnson. Youth & resistance in S.a
selections, steve biko
louis gordon: nicole
gibson on fanon.
monroe: obscure, small marxist organization. sophie.
hill – sam

I promised to organize a film screening for sunday 8pm

audriene (? mapantsula) symbolic interaction
colored’s position is political unstable in cape town. they have had privileges and so they felt like they couldn’t “fail” as they had some privilege under apartheid

how do these movements engage capitalism?
women – not threatening, domestic work -> peter recommends Julie Dalson: Daughters of the Dust.
rachleff: pittsburgh, italians and poles, jobs for men in the steel mill. stable, unionized. blacks, unstable jobs near whites
me: maybe “revolution” is a gendered concept, where really revolution and reform are the same thing and yet males just like to show off their power.
alex said something to counter me, I think, but didn’t write. add> something on wars

nicole: films not showing women’s specific oppression, these were all man-made
(me: the fact that nicole had to “apologize” in showing her feminist baggage (althought it was unclear what exactly the oppression consists of, that’s a secondary problem), makes subvert oppression in the classroom itself)

black males -> white females
what about black females -> white males? why do they not show up?

none woodruff. raraiah
af-am resistance pre-wwii
agriculturally based
HR becomes a global issue
sharecroppers and seasonal pickers
labor movement (CIO) provided infrastructure, organized farmworkers

agency: economic power, response by mike, birth of civil rights movements

Claybore Carson
personally involved SNVCC
historical tactis MLK centered
small movements
lost essay, malcolm x & king -> chuck is one of the last four surviving the state
diff national leaders

group discussion: alex jacoby, alex rubinstein, jesse goldman, rubbi swick
upperclass -> for a black
students were the core -> legitimacy, aid
chicago is a change
albany, birmingham
coke boycot (!), jobs,
march on washington
“king taking over”
SCLC age of the organization
Montgomery freedom as a negro -> was a black from south -> way

transportation -> work (working class) /shop (middle class)
rosa parks, seanstress
secretary of naacp

kevin: uplifting the race. middle class centralism. dominant gender construction

Rosa Parks was a seamstress and secretary of the NAACP
centers created by the CIO (labor mov -> civil rights)
Ed Nixon ws the president of the Sleeping Car Porters

Chicago -> slums
chronology of Bearing the Cross is limiting
Emanetille rse 1953
100k viewed the body
mother refused to view the casket.

the reason of pointing out meaning of “middle class”
national park services maintained the park and the house around MLK’s house. house owned by chuch. row houses & single family houses.

jail & bail
religious views
Milton Sermon
bound to the promised land
social gospel // preacher (south)
leaders as an “in-between” straddle across social strata
1.5 million af-am move from south to north
Abernaffi S. sulle
activists. no after few w/her
organical intellecutals, gramsci (ideas: education, etc)
Eliza: younger people have more to lose
Alessandra: middle class – more resources



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