first I see this article on the pervasive…

first, I see this article on the pervasive effects of Walmart in the city and, a commentor had told the writer to not be so blatant about his own “biases”, and mocked at the fact that his google adsense (content-specific text advertising) was showing ADS of Walmart. Indeed, next to the article criticizing Walmart, google picked up the keyword “Walmart”, and you can see a discount ticket offer for Walmart, getting jobs at Walmart, Walmart Store finder, Clearance, and so forth.

then, I use gmail to send an email about our Freedom Movements class, and as I revise the email, this is the gmail ads that shows to the right:

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Chaos Theory
The God Dimensions discusses the Chaos Theory and its connection

B’ham Civil Rights Museum
Info on the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Alabama Tourism Bureau.

Beyond Tolerance
Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision for overcoming racism in America

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and I’m like, oh shit.