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So I was sitting there struggling with the overcomplixified MS access relational tables structure trying to figure out how to establish a data report based on four interrelated (two one-to-many and one one-to-one relations.. I think there is something going on when you drag a premade report into the report design field, though), when Octavio says “I’m going to this debate at Mac, where is the chapel?” And I 1) didn’t know Octavio was talking there (which is, so ironic! Larry Weiss debated Raymond Robertson when he had the exact same position, in 2002!) and 2) didn’t know it was happening today – I assumed it was the weekend even though had no intentions of going. So remembering our little name thing with MPIRG earlier, I look up the new promotional email which now says “MPIRG, Mac Fair Trade, MPJC, and others.” and notice the phrase “Dinner too!”. I’m like, “I’m going!” and he will give me a ride if I write a story on the forum for the RCTA. Sure, fine. First, some memos.

Free Trade/Fair Trade Forum
March 9, 5:00-7:00pm. Weyerhauser Chapel, Macalester College.
organized by MPIRG. Cosponsored by MSFT, MPJC, SLAC
Presenters: Charlie Wunsch (Member Services/Consumer Affairs, Mississippi Market), Octavio Ruiz (Director, MN Fair Trade Coalition at the Resource Center of the Americas), Mindy Ahler-Olmstead (10,000 Villages), Raymond Robertson (Associate Professor of Economics at Macalester College)



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