Field notes 9/26

Store had a plastic door (I think they changed it this week?) on the entrance. entered the design area and waited for Sarah to finish, which took about 30 extra minutes. it seemed like she was did not have control over time and work schedule, unless she was doing the work because it needed to get done before leaving the design area. there was a manager-looking person who seemed slightly disturbed that a stranger was there staring at things.

standing from Sarah’s bench – there is a washing tub to the left, with old sponge and jabon. I think the sponge doesn’t get used very often, it’s dry. informant used the tub while I was there, though. there are vases on exhibition at shelves to the right of the tub. then there is a door to a small room. to the right of the door is the exit to the clerk, or sales area. there is another bench to the right of the exit. on top of the bench, there is a long flat shelf that has many vases of different shapes and sizes. I thin kthey had size number stickers on them. the shelf extends over the corner to portion of the right wall.

in Sarah’s bench, there are several arrangements with tags hanging on one of their flower tallos. tags have a person’s name, and a code. the code is one letter and one number, I think. these arrangements are all on top of the bench, separated from the “inner” ones which are behind a small thin wall to sarah’s side. to sarah’s side is a phone and a computer (that’s why I thought she was a manager). she occassionally takes phone calls. most of the time she is running to different places, on a short term basis (like going to the next room) to the left, to the left of the tub is a doorless exit to a cubed office space.






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