JC's place – paper outline

Mary Guerra
Ben P. Johnson
Yongho Kim
Anthropology of Religion
December 9, 2003
Semester Project Outline

Joint Paper

1. Introduction
a. Physical surroundings
b. Temporal structure
c. What makes the site a religious setting? Also discuss secular/profane (3.a., Durkheim)

2. Methodology
a. Site self-publicity (website)
b. Contacting and reaching the site
c. Data gathering (participant observation, recorded/unrecorded interviews)

3. Observations
a. Hallaloojah – setting and games
b. Second visit – iraqui refugees video presentation and the loudest offering
c. Cell Group

4. Analysis
a. Elements of trance (Turner)
b. Social interaction (Weber)
c. Hierarchical faith
d. Ritual as spectacle (Debord)
e. Importance of supernatural entities (3.b., Bastian, interview with Travis)
f. Aspects of morality (3.c. pamphlets)

Individual Paper

1. Violation of ontological categories (selective reading of Bible)
2. Decoupled cognition (women’s role, Wolf, Sanday, interview with Noel)
3. Coalitions (cell group study session, loudest offering)
4. Agency of supernatural entities (interview with Travis)
5. How is it practical? (wealthy/poor binary, Kimbrough, 4.b.)
6. Personal Reactions (emic/etic, object of study both as attached/detached)







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    Ben P. Johnson
    Yongho Kim
    Anthropology (248) of Religion
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