identifying the sin

A: Teacher what’s this paper?
YoKim: it’s the circle of holiness. Who can recall what 전도사님 talked about today?
T: Oh me me!
YoKim: no someone else besides T… hmm E can you tell everyone what was the message today?
E: Nah..
YoKim: ok then let’s have T answer it. Silence! Everyone listen to T.
T: she showed how our heart gets dirty with sins, and that Jesus’s blood makes us clean.
YoKim: good! It’s also important to remark that Jesus’ blood makes us holy, because we are all holy persons to start with, so when our sins are forgiven, we become holy again. Here we have… the circle of holiness! We’ll all go around and talk about our sins from last week or the week before that. Alright? Let me give you two examples. Hey A! Stop yelling at J.
YoKim: So I like playing computer games. Last saturday, the one before yesterday, I was playing a game and I was so excited that
P: what’s the game’s name
YoKim: oh it’s in korean so you may not know – it’s 대항해시대, you travel in ships and to trade and stuff. Anyway saturday morning I was so excited about the game that first thing after I got up was to run to the computer. And I should have had a time for God, like praying and reading the bible, but I didn’t!
T: Is the game fun?
YoKim: Yeah real fun. Now why was what I did a sin?
J: because you didn’t have breakfast.
YoKim: No, not having a breakfast is generally not good for you.. but it’s not a sin. I sinned because I put the game before Jesus! That’s why it’s a sin. Silence! T stop cussing at A.
T: but she started it!
A: No you started! u-g-l-y ugly!
E: u-g-l-y ugly!
T: you are stupid!
E: ugly!
YoKim: hey guys, stop! Ok let me give you the second example. You all know President Bush, right?
T: oh he’s a failure~
YoKim: you all know he started a war with Iraq, right? He says he sent troops to help the Iraqi people out, but we all know that’s a lie! He wanted the oil, and because it’s so expensive, he wanted all the oil for himself. E, quiet! So why is the Iraq War a sin?
J: because he went for the oil
YoKim: exactly! He put the oil above Jesus, and went into war without really asking God what she wanted him to do!
P: Hey teacher do you like Bush?
YoKim: no, that’s not what we are talking about right now. So let’s go back to my sin – I think my sin can be summed up as “game addiction”, that’s the core of my sin. Now for Bush, his sin can be summed up as “capitalism”! Got it? Now let’s go around and tell our sins from last week.
T: well last week I..



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5 responses to “identifying the sin”

  1. so, you call God as “she”. wow.

  2. “she” was added after the fact (for political purposes). I don’t recall exactly what I said, but probabbly didn’t say it like that -_-

  3. svinna

    버럭. 도대체 순진한 애들 가지고 뭐하시는 겁니까!!!!!^_^;;;

  4. 좌익 기독교 근본주의 사상화를 위한 기초작업+실험이지요

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    우리 목사님이 무려 이런 책을 주셨습니다
    성경이 만든 사람: 백화점 왕 워너메이커 John Wanamaker
    전광 지ì

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