Notes from October 12th LB meeting

LB meeting, October 12th, 7:00pm. Weyerhauser Boardroom.

Agenda approved.
Introduction to Program Board. Erink K. Miller introduced several PB officers and explained its rationale. No questions raised.
Michael Barnes addressed the Legislative Body on need-blind admissions.
Ben Johnson reported no FAC business, and announced that next week would present on the state of MCSG finances, plus Addlt Allocation Requests.
Rebecca Hossain reported on four charters. MATE was rejected, DDRtists, Flying Fingers and GeoClub was approved.
Michael Barnes and Renee Lepreau introduced a motion on the Timeframe of the Need-Blind Discussion, requesting the Board of Trustees to postpone the vote on the issue from January. The issue was debated at length and put to a vote, with 15 Is, 16 Nays, and 2 abstentions. Vote was recorded.
Commission activities. (External Relations Committee – Cara Haberman, Student Services Committee – Rebecca Hossain, Academic Affairs Committee – Aroosa Saeed)
SSC – Laura Stewart was appointed as an EPAG student rep and will be present at the meeting tomorrow. SSC will be meeting Sundays at 10pm in the MCSG office.
Committee activities (Institutional Responsibility, Need-Blind, Constitutional Reform, Campus Life, Alumni Relations).
IRC – will meet Tuesday at 6:30pm at Weyerhauser
LB adjourns at 8:55pm







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