[Notes] Diversity Weekend Panel

Ricardo Levins Morales
Arrr! Arrrrr! Arrurrurru! Just wanted to wake you up.
Diversopoids come out of their hibernation, and when it’s over the monopoids come back. Organizing is like seeds – best seeds not in poor soil. I want to look at the concept of communities in contrast to movements. Black panther movement. Lords of AIM. My favorite quote is “revolution will not be subsidized”. Prisons as measured. Employers wanted “Latinos”, not Chicanos/PR, meaning, they could be exploited in their undocumented status. Movements separate w/o solidarity. Look at fusion.

Anguksuar (Richard LaFortune)
Whole systems. Continue organizing. Ecology & anticoporate. GLBT native organizing. Hippie veggie co-op. (for-profit) Under reaganomics tax laws, small businesses were classified as non-profit. Language & HIV in native americans. learn from each other, diversity of intellect, thought. colonization continues today and not just native americans’ problem. private sector organizing is philantropy. not only cultural matrimony/patrimony but join & translate other systems.

Toni Carter
things of my heard. Langston Hughes poem. because of the history of living. no recognition. can organize in the corporate environment. find great fullfilment. children achieving. black wasn’t supposed to be good at jobs. if not right for SoC, not right for LIS, not right for SnS

Lupe Serrano
transformational change. all works together (issues). no english – no access in domestic violence. learn of latina needs.

Sandra White Hawk
identitites are not negotiable. politics doesn’t make up identity but politicians define us. power in oneself. ask yourself: 1. who am I? 2. where do I come from? 3. what am I doing? 4. where am I going? answers for white too.

Karin Aguilar San Juan
11 years in boston as organizer. second generation filipino & lesbian feminist. Gracely Boggs stay in a place long enough. New research project – young people organizingagainst corporatization of schools, poisoning of environment, etc. Youth organizing in Twin Cities is new. (not related with antiracism)

Perry – community/movements – can you elaborate?
Ricardo LM: sense of movement, now out of it. bringing in people from the community. Issues have connections
Toni C:
Lupe S: latinos are agents of change and beneficiaries
Richard LF: movement AND relationships

Brooke: reciprocity:
Sandra WH: space and take it to other colleges:
Toni C: 651-331-1243






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