Re: Charters for Tuesday

Dear SSC Chair,

I suggest the following adaptations for the proposed charters. Maybe the organization contacts can get this arranged with the SSC before the LB meeting?

Mac DDRtists

IV. Suggest eliminating this article. There seems to be no point in declaring an advisor whose responsibilities and selection are defined by the co-presidents. This should be an internal position.
V.c. Suggest replacing “three members” to a certain percentage, i.e. twenty percent. The concept of quorum does not fit a fixed number in a membership that may increase/decrease.
V.d. Suggest replacing “three main officials” with “the co-presidents and the treasurer”, or otherwise define what the three main officials may be.
VII.a. Suggest replacing “sixty percent” with “clear majority” since “a resounding ‘HOORAH!’” cannot be counted.
VIII. Suggest eliminating this article. No more than a majority present seems to be needed to ratify the constitution
IX. Suggest including a nominal Sunset clause.


1. Strongly encourage separation of charter clauses using a number system. Discussion of the charter becomes blurry as it is hard to note what portion we will talk about.
2. (MEAT) Given that DATE O TRON 5000 seems to be a machine equipment, shouldn’t there be an explanation as for whether this equipment will be procured from MCSG capital funds or as pro bono gift by members?
3. Suggest eliminating the first untitled two paragraphs. The narratives provides no description of the actual organization. Should the text stay, I suggest moving it to a subsection titled “Statement of Purpose and Belief”, or “Original Sin”, for that matter.


I. Suggest changing name to GeolClub. The hybrid “GeoClub” does not accurately reflect the nature of the organization since Geography Department is not included in GeoClub’s business. A future creation of a Geography Department club may create conflict of interests over name.
VII.b. Suggest removing concept of “bank”. Unless the organization relies on pocket money from the Geology Department, such notion contradicts current FAC procedures

Yongho Kim
LB Social 2 rep







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