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  • Elevator Speech about KRC

    I wrote this elevator speech about KRC at last night’s APIAVote training: Hi, my name is Yongho Kim and I work with KRC, not to be confused with KFC. Actually, we’re kind of like KFC. We are crunchy and engaging. Did your parents ever get yelled at a government office for not understanding English? That’s […]

  • Nightmares

    Dream 1 The composite database is finished, complete with matrix-like real time refresh features. Dream 2 MH: Yongho I think we need to go to the MRT event without the youth. Dream 3 RR: Hello, is that Yongho there? We have found one of your machines send trojan-sprung spam email again.

  • Continuation of Emergency Coverage: AB 813 Passes Senate

    PDF: Sacramento Office 1107 Ninth Street, Suite 801 Sacramento, California 95814 Telephone: 916/442-0753; FAX 916/442-7966 [Tags]medicare, medicare part d, prescription drug, medi-medi, dual eligible, emergency measure, california, legislature, law, medi-cal[/Tags] Continuation of Emergency Coverage Medicare Part D – Update May 11, 2006 AB 813 Nunez/Perata Current state emergency coverage for Medicare Part D […]

  • May Day 2006 and the Gulf War

    Before hitting Wilshire and Western at 4:00 pm, we are sitting in the lounge watching Fox News, which is broadcasting live rallies in Downtown and Santa Ana. That looks pretty hard to match up. Then we think of our plan for today. Ever heard CNN’s of live Gulf War broadcasting? Iraqui scud missile headquarters used […]

  • Government Sued over Failure to Implement Medicare Drug Law’s Protections for Low-Income People

    Government Sued over Failure to Implement Medicare Drug Law’s Protections for Low-Income People: Challenge Brought on Behalf of More than 6 Million Recipients Oakland, CA; April 26, 2006–A class action complaint was filed today in the U.S. Federal District Court, Northern District of California to force the Secretary of Health and Human Services to ensure […]

  • Sign-up sheet for POSTERING drive

    How to do it decide on at least 2 street segments you will be postering on suggested street segments are already posted at the sign-up sheet below, waiting for takers for postering purposes, a city (glendale, cerritos, northridge, torrance) counts as 1/2 street segment (see the K-Town markets excel sheet for markets outside K-Town.) We […]