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To Students at Social Sciences II (Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Geography and Urban Studies): I’ll use this space to introduce myself. My name is Yongho Kim and as of 2004 I am a senior graduating next may. I am korean and my parents were christian missionaries who were sent to Chile in 1990, where we stayed until I applied for college. Since then, my family is in Perú. I am christian and go to church every week. I was originally a philosophy and chemistry major until the end of my sophomore year, after which I decided to hop on to anthropology to get a job. In my junior year I took a human rights class with Nedelsky and ended up hating it because of my political beliefs, and thought about writing it since the tenure review committee had asked me for input but thought that that would be backstabbing a professor. Anyway back then I was really excited about human rights and volunteered in an NGO in Perú observing legal advocacy work being done with persons wrongly accused of affiliation with Sendero Luminoso [Shining Path] and denied the right to due process in the post-Fujimori era. I have worked at an immigrantion legal clinic, Twin Cities Religion and Labor Network and Centro de Derechos Laborales – doing the work-study at this last site, plus volunteering for Minnesota Freedom Ride. So that’s me and my interests. Although Roscoe and me are getting along quite well so far and we watched the Twins beat the New York yankees in baseball tonight while waiting for you guys to come to the info session, I have my firm political agenda. I disagree with the MacWeekly’s statement that LB members should serve the Macalester College. I believe any person in a public office should serve the greater good, and Macalester’s gains in any transaction should be secondary to what the society receives and in particular to the oppressed minority. Maybe I’ll write a bit more about that later. Anyway, I am taking ethnographic interviewing this Fall 2004 semester so you should be able to find me at the anthro lab at the core of our uterus or else at the cultural house. My email is ykim at and phone is 651-307-7937 for any of you who may want to talk about anything. Yongho







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