Unicode characters in filename leads to "failed to convert command to 8 bit charset" in FileZilla

On Windows XP, I had converted 150 low-resolution (160×120, 10fps) Quicktime MOV files to FLV files, and was trying to upload them through FTP using FileZilla 3.1.2

One of the files somehow had unicode characters inside the filename: “07-82.mov07-82.flv”, which produced the below error:

08:37:40 Status: Starting upload of D:docsGoogle Talk Received Filesvideos07-82.mov07-82.flv
(bla bla)
08:38:25 Command: STOR 07-82.mov07-82.flv
08:38:25 Error: Failed to convert command to 8 bit charset

The error was solved by renaming the file to plain ASCII.







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