Unimpressed with the HTC EVO 4G tested a…

Unimpressed with the HTC EVO 4G tested at a Sprint store:

1. It’s slow in all the annoying spots that Droid 1 is slow at. Gallery, opening message and phonebook, camera. Even with the 2.2 update. One speed improvement: adding an app to the main screen.

2. It’s too wide for me to grasp. Can’t text while biking.

3. The phone suddenly lost all signal – the bars were there, but nothing was downloading (was trying to install Google Earth) The sprint tech dude said “ok, this will need a restart”, implying that it happens often.

One thing I really want is the Sense UI, not because it’s pretty, but because it has flawless Flickr integration. All Flickr solutions out there – both Free ones and many paid ones – suck big time. Come on folks, Picasa is long dead. Who uses that anymore?






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