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  • Keyboard Tray

    Keyboard Tray

    I remember around 12 years ago, I slowly started having more and more shoulder and back pain.

  • Nothing to do

    Nothing to do

    I was thinking last year that there was a bit of a personal journey for me in the turbulent progression of events that led to our mass departure from KRC two years ago. And that might have started in a protest march on January 19, 2019.



    I was talking with my parents about some difficulties at work last night, and dad brought up the question “what kinds of things do you like to do”, which led me to thinking about personality types – 20 years ago, back in college, the career counselor had me take the Myer-Briggs (MBTI) personality test. Back […]

  • Eating log

    I lost 30 pounds 2018-2021 through exercise, and 30 more pounds over the last 6 months, and talked with too many people who think I did some crazy diet regiment, so I’m documenting here what I ate over the first 4-months of the diet.

  • Extracting samples for CalScope study

    Extracting samples for CalScope study

    Documenting blood sample self-extraction for a CDPH coronavirus study.

  • Testing self video

    Testing self video

    I have never really taken selfie photos before. Here, I’m testing out various technical questions related to filming myself on an impromptu selfie stick. Filmed using a Pixel 3a smartphone. does the external mic work? yes how wobbly is the video? does it need a gimball? it seems.. okay.. how much environmental noise can this […]