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  • JC’s Place: Individual Analysis

    Yongho Kim December 12, 2003 Anthropology of Religion JC’s Place: Individual Analysis 1. Describe any ontological categories and the tags that contradict them which you have identified based on your (jointly gathered) data and reading. I could observe several ontological category violations – some within the religious practice per se and others in the stated […]

  • JC’s Place: Rescue, Develop, Send

    Mary Guerra Ben P. Johnson Yongho Kim Anthropology of Religion December 12, 2003 JC’s Place: Rescue, Develop, Send Our group studied JC’s place, which is a semi-informal Pentecostal Christian gathering based in the Emmanuel Christian Center. The Emmanuel Christian Center is located at Spring Lake Park, a suburb located close to Anoka County, to the […]

  • Maasai Identity as a Subject of Tourism

    Yongho Kim Anthropology 258: African Societies November 28, 2003 The Maasai[1] are Maa-speaking, pastoral groups spread throughout the Rift Valley in Kenya and Tanzania. The Maasai have been subject of numerous scholastic inquiries and critical analyses that challenge the theoretical assumptions underlying the expressions “The Maasai”, “Maasai are”, “Maa-speaking”, “pastoral” and “groups” from the previous […]

  • Minow and Gourevitch: Human Rights as a recovery of Humanity

    Yongho Kim INTL245: Human Rights November 7, 2003 Gourevitch’s We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families is a powerful account of the genocide in Rwanda, an analysis of certain key concepts in issues of mass violations of human rights, and an outcry to the international community and the […]

  • Ethnographic Analysis: Facing Mount Kenya by Jomo Kenyatta

    Yongho Kim Anthropology 258: African Societies October 13, 2003 Jomo Kenyatta was a Gikuyu anthropologist trained in London under Bronislav Malinowski. He was pointed by the British colonial administration as the organizer of the Independence movements in Kenya and imprisoned for eight years, but was eventually released and became the first president of Kenya in […]

  • Reaction Paper: Stanford Prison Experiment

    Introduction to Psychology Laboratory Mike Mensik Due at April 15th, 2003 Yongho Kim In 1971, Zimbardo set an experiment in the basement of Stanford University simulating a prison environment to see the effects of imprisonment in regular civilians. He and his team recruited 24 college students for a paid, two-week experiment. Half of the subjects […]