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  • after watching Malcolm X so when chicano activists…

    after watching Malcolm X so, when chicano activists say “we did not cross the border, the border crossed us”, are they borrowing from Malcolm X’s saying in the NYC church, “we did not come to Plymouth, Plymouth came to us”? the “did you know brother minister what so and so did before going to heaven? […]

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    feb 14 notes freedom movements

  • The Black Body as a feared Necessity in the Post-Industrial Urban Economy

    response paper to the Sixth Annual African American Studies Conference at Macalester College Freedom Movements February 16, 2005 Yongho Kim In her keynote speech Democracy and Captivity, Joy Ann James argues that the prison-state constitutes the institution through which neoslave narratives are embodied in the United States. A neoslave narrative, James argues, is “a recycling […]

  • Bamboozled, Mandela, and the Dialectics of Racism-Capitalism. class notes

    AMST394-11 Freedom Movements. Class notes, Feb 7 music played: Mbongan Nugema. how to find articles on Safundi, which spans a broader spectrum of research done on sa . rachleff )the dept?) purchased a semester-long access for the whole class. username: school, pass: here will announced first diversity weekend meeting. thursday 9pm, cc215 african american […]

  • RE: Freedom Movements Technology

    EDIT: good reference blah, I got tired of writing this. kind of pointless, anyway, now that the blog is up there. it’s just another semester of classes.

  • film notes, bamboozled

    is Delacroix playing the west indian? misrep people? why is his room (the white boss) full of “negro” stuff? “variety skit show” boss at the middle, evaluators to the side, the performer in the middle is he wearing the arab stuff on purpose? urgency/diff