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Transitions – I've Got the Light of Freedom


Payne, Charles M. 1995 Transitions In I’ve Got the Light of Freedom: the organizing tradition and the Mississippi freedom struggle. Pp. 284-316. Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press.

I’ve Got the Light of Freedom

the organizing tradition and the Mississippi freedom struggle

Chapter Ten


Before the summer project last year we watched five Negroes murdered in two counties in Mississippi with no reaction from the country. We couldn’t get the news out. Then we saw that when three civil rights workers were killed, and two if them were white, the whole country reacted, went into motion. There’s a deep problem behind that, and I think if you can begin to understand what that problem is-why you don’t move when a Negro is killed the same way you move when a white person is killed-then maybe you can begin to understand this country in relation to Vietnam and the third world, the Congo and Santo Domingo.


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"Mac vs PC" vs "Mex vs BC"

Mac vs PC

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The Political Awakening of Korean Americans

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Wartime victim makes heartfelt plea for redress

Wartime victim makes heartfelt plea for redress
Korean woman visits the Southland to build support for a House resolution urging Japan to apologize for sexual slavery in World War II.,1,1188885.story?ctrack=1&cset=true
By K. Connie Kang, Times Staff Writer
July 21, 2007

Carefully walking up to the podium, Yong-Soo Lee, a former sex slave for the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II, faced American church leaders at Wilshire Presbyterian Church.

She bowed deeply to pay her respects.

Then Lee, immaculate in white Korean attire of ramie, gave a capsule testimony of her abduction during the war, when she was 16, and the unspeakable pain and degradation she suffered.

More than 100 Presbyterian pastors, elders and other church officials attending the July 14 meeting in Los Angeles of the Pacific Presbytery listened with rapt attention. The presbytery is a regional governing body of the 2.3-million-member Presbyterian Church (USA).