• 24″ Monitor Dell (HDMI/VGA) S2440L the monitor to the right in the below photo. the screen is very glossy.
  • 24″ Monitor Samsung (HDMI/VGA/DVI) 2494HM  bought in 2010, pretty heavy. monitor doesn’t turn off when computer goes to sleep, either leave it with its “no signal” message or turn it off at night.
  • 19″ Monitor Acer (VGA/DVI plus HDMI adapter) AL1916W comes with custom tilting monitor stand (sorry, decided to use the stand of this. I only have a monitor of this with no stand now)
  • 2x Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Switch) KG011-N – one with blue backlight, one without backlight cleaned with water recently – i have to check whether all the keys are working
  • Mini Projector Optoma PK301 (MiniHDMI, VGA) 800×480 projector it has a lot of dead pixels.. but at least it works. can be mounted on tripods with a standard screw