i dreamt that i was training people on…

i dreamt that i was training people on how to make a pitch to korean small businesses for an upcoming gala fundraiser. It may have had to do with the WordPress Gutenberg rollout..


I dreamt that we were having a press…

I dreamt that we were having a press conference to announce the Know Your Rights android app. It was someone tall and big (Karn? Staff 1) and.. Staff 2 ? doing the conference, I was sitting in the audience side. The dream started when the conference ended, and Staff 2 was about to say “Thank you for coming..”.

So I quickly went to Staff 2 and told them that they hadn’t done the live phone demonstration yet. “Oh ok”. “We will show you how to install and use the app”.

While this was happening, another staff, Staff 3, had already connected to Chromecast and for some reason was stuck trying to find the app among four superhero posters on the TV screen.. like the Incredible Four or something. Staff 3 I think was white.. they were like “where is it? It’s supposed to be around here..” So I went to the staff and said “Let me connect my phone, we can make this quicker” but Staff 3 started screaming “no, I can do it! This is when I need to practice”

I could feel the reporters wanted to leave, since they were mostly done anyways. Then I realized that this was not June 3rd, the date for which (insde the dream at least) the conference was scheduled for – it was May 23rd.. or 30th? So I started thinking “what happened? Was this a press conf on something else and Staff 1 figured this was the time to announce the app?” That’s how the dream ended.

I guess it highlights the importance of coordinating time information properly.


I dreamt that CGP Grey had published a…

I dreamt that CGP Grey had published a paper book about.. how to work using computers, or something like that. I half woke up from that dream 1) trying to recall details from the book and 2) slowly realizing that CGP Grey in the dream is not me, and realized: “ok this is kinda funny, need to record this”. By the time I started typing this, I had forgotten a lot of details.

I had the dream in a semi first-person view and over-the-head view, but the voices coming from this person was definitely CGP Grey. A hand was turning the pages of the book and reading some sections aloud. Here are some lines from the book:

At first I wanted to call this book “The authority on computers” but my publisher changed it. Oh well.

(pages in between)

The old powers (duh):
(icons of illustrator, indesign, photoshop with icon name underneath) Illustrator. InDesign. Photoshop.
(plus sign)
The new powers
(icons of two other adobe applications.. can’t recall them now. with icon name underneath)

Unfortunately there were no sights of a smartphone with Hello Internet being held, so I guess I missed my chance for the Hall of Fame.


dream about soil rotation demonstration


Post Title

1.6.2011 2:32am 꿈

초등학교서 고앵이 빕
고테영 초등학교 경비
Waycj g oveR cats and rats
Fove zatssox rats
Hingry cats
Two bowls milk
Cwts take pver rat xage
Rwo rats rin away

2.18.2011 3:00 am 꿈

1., bㄱr escrt
두번째. 망설임. 커텐 엉성

큰 미로 집. 엄마 자고 있으며서 영호야 헛소리

ㅈ목: 에람, 게억하고 계십님가
식민지의 기억
이름영어로 바뀰때 왜곡되는

두번째 칼럼 뭐더래…?

ㅂㄱㄹ 이파리ㅏ로 필드. 겝ㄱㅇ미도 이프리키


i dreamt there were zombies attacking us…

i dreamt there were zombies attacking us. it’s strange because this night i was well equipped, with both a heater running and the electric mat. so no cold air induced nightmares were supposed to pop up. well the zombies were attacking us, and at some point me and some other people had the role of a rescue team, so we smashed into the school office style room shooting guns, and killed some of the zombies. they were so fast, they were kind of like velociraptors from jurassic park. and slowly they morphed into them over time. there was a metallic cabinet on the right corner. it was semi-open. some of the team crew were approaching it, and i told them to hold off, and opened it from a distance by kicking the door. there was a strange saliva hanging inside the cabinet. then the zombiraptor dropped down from a space above that wasn’t visible from outside the cabinet, and assaulted a civilian to my left. i couldn’t shoot at it, as it was too close, and grabbed a hammer and hit the zombieraptor in the head while it was desecrating the civilian live. i managed to kill the zombieraptor but i think one of the last few blows also killed the civilian, as its head was right behind the zombieraptor’s hocico. then i woke up. phew, scary.