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  • What is Translation? (Part 1)

    The more concrete the linguistic example, the more on-point the cross-cultural translation would be. The more abstract, the less helpful for specific situations. For most highly nuanced expressions, it’s best to 1) apply the expression to a specific social situation, then 2) transfer that social situation culturally to the target language’s natural environment and then […]

  • Someone on HelloTalk asked for feedback on her…

    Someone on HelloTalk asked for feedback on her sentence “그럼에도 다시 일어나, 숨 쉬고 미소 짓고 앞으로 전진해”. I wanted to discuss the poetic imagery a bit to have the sentence flow more naturally. Ok.. So the imagery is that the 화자 was running (in the race.. Of.. Life, i guess), but stumbled across a […]

  • https www youtube com watch v=UlkjdHlq8Hk I saw…

    I saw Jeremy’s video “Why is Learning Korean So Hard? – Language as Mind” and found many of the ideas presented there to be very intriguing, and wanted to continue this conversation. Here is my take three on this video response.