shopping for a 10"-11" laptop

the market became too granular!

what i need:

  • faster CPU than the stock Atom
  • Bluetooth

what would be nice

  • ubuntu compatibility + some form of 3D accel (compiz)
  • fit in the 10″ netbook bag i bought a month ago+fit w/o bag in the front pocket of my backpack

$370 eeepc 1015PEM-PU17
$30 2GB DDR3
$0 case
cheap, fast CPU (atom dual core), new model, long battery (8-10 hours actual time) ubuntu works, not sure about standby mode. can’t recycle my eeepc’s 2GB DDR2. i don’t like the feeling of doing a tiny minor upgrade from the eeepc 901 which I purchased at a higher price 2 years ago. ii’s 10″

$420 Aspire 1410 (the $320 deal is GONE!). US version of 1810T, almost same
$15 bluetooth module
$0 2GB DDR2 (from old eeepc 901)
$20 case
cheap, HDMI out, even faster CPU (Intel ULV), ubuntu tested. will the bluetooth mod work? will it get detected?

$550 used Aspire 1810T (the $500 price is GONE!) European first version, 1410 equivalent
$20 case
if it’s used, will the HDD or batteries suffer? is a used laptop at $550 worth it these days? also released on early-mid 2009. may be hard to find parts if anything breaks

$700 Aspire 1830T-3721
(the 3927 model selling for $600 doesn’t have BT+$20 BT module)
really good computer, at really high price. BT is not detected on ubuntu

after the hard drive dies, (or if it turns out to be too slow), I plan on replacing the hard drive with a SSD. The cheapest one out there seems to be:
+$110 60GB SSD OCZ Vertex 2
I missed Crucial’s $64 64GB M225 SSD post thanksgiving sale :(

Nice options out there:






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  1. let me know if you get one and have any recommedation~

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