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  • Chaotic MTA Day pass policy

    Me: day pass please (inserts money) Driver 1: don’t confuse me just put the money! Me: (inserts bills) Driver 2: you need to tell me before! I’m sorry guys, get your shit together.

  • shopping for a 10"-11" laptop

    the market became too granular! what i need: faster CPU than the stock Atom Bluetooth what would be nice ubuntu compatibility + some form of 3D accel (compiz) fit in the 10″ netbook bag i bought a month ago+fit w/o bag in the front pocket of my backpack http://bit.ly/yk-shop $370 eeepc 1015PEM-PU17 $30 2GB DDR3 […]

  • I faxed a USPS support request on 9/14 h…

    I faxed a USPS support request on 9/14 http://bit.ly/cd5FU5 and they warned me with “3-5 day turnaround”. ok fine, i’ll wait. after weeks of calling, i’m through with the specialist who wants me to send everything over again. that’s fine. just know that i sent it 3 weeks ago. maybe you meant 3-5 week turnaround?

  • Don't buy into this scheme. It's a sca…

    Don’t buy into this scheme. It’s a scam.

    I am a developer with a project supported by the Los Angeles Housing Department and the City Counsel and the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Corporation for Supportive Housing for low income to facilitate economic integration of single people, couples and families in temporary or long term situation called “The Hundred’s”, consisting of an apartment building with basic compact units (sofa bed, kitchen counter, working desk, closet, toilet and shower) with windows and balcony at very low rent price, in an extremely good spectrum, allowing the occupants to resources themselves in a safe environment while reorganizing their lives for a stable or better future in your area.

  • i dreamt there were zombies attacking us…

    i dreamt there were zombies attacking us. it’s strange because this night i was well equipped, with both a heater running and the electric mat. so no cold air induced nightmares were supposed to pop up. well the zombies were attacking us, and at some point me and some other people had the role of […]

  • #nptech #n2la ok folks, most online tool…

    #nptech #n2la ok folks, most online tools are designed to be self-teachable. if all those on-the-site pointers and #RTFM are insufficient and you need a “training” before moving a finger on an online tool, maybe you just aren’t smart enough.