Sign-up sheet for POSTERING drive

How to do it

  1. decide on at least 2 street segments you will be postering on
    • suggested street segments are already posted at the sign-up sheet below, waiting for takers
    • for postering purposes, a city (glendale, cerritos, northridge, torrance) counts as 1/2 street segment (see the K-Town markets excel sheet for markets outside K-Town.) We will most likely go to the cities for flyering instead of postering, so hold of from going to cities just for postering.
  2. decide on time
    • Because our targets include restaurants, it may be more effective to schedule your postering around 9:00-10:00am or 2:00-3:00pm (dodge pre-meal rush hour)
  3. arrange your own transportation – talk directly to a car person etc
  4. write what you chose at the present web sign-up sheet
    1. click blue “edit” link in the desired date square and
    2. write your name and time next to street segment
    3. click “save page”
  5. grab agitprop stock
    • you should find them in two boxes and a big paper envelope next to the desk between MJ and Irene’s office.
    • Take at least 20 KL / 5 SL / 5 EL flyers per street segment. Don’t flyer them, but have them handy in case passersby request it from you.
  6. go postering
    • Get a clipboard where you will write:
      1. how many flyers/posters were handed out, with a language breakdown
      2. names and addresses of businesses that requested the poster to be removed after event.
    • Try to do most business complexes (located at major street corners). but if the street being intersected is already covered by another street segment (i.e. 8th and Western, Olympic and Vermont) do one every two business complexes you encounter.
  7. report back
    • come back and write how many flyers & posters were handed out (with a language breakdown) next to your name in the web signup sheet
    • record names and businesses that requested post-event poster removal
    • return remainder to agitprop stock

지시 사항

  1. 포스터를 붙일 구역 최소한 2개 결정
    • 권장 구역은 하단 sign-up sheet 에 붙어있음
    • LA County 의 도시 (cerritos, glendale, torrance, northridge 등)에 포스터를 붙이러 갈 경우 이는 1/2 구역으로 계산됨. 관련하여 한인 마켓 excel sheet 참고할것. 나중에 이곳으로 전단지 뿌리러 갈터이니 되도록이면 가지 말것.
  2. 시간 결정
    • 식당 영업을 고려해 점심/저녁 시간을 제외하는 것이 유리
  3. 교통 수단 확보
  4. 결정 내용을 이 웹 sign-up sheet 에 기록
    1. 날짜마다 붙어있는 파란색 “[edit]” 링크를 클릭
    2. 구역 옆에 이름과 시간 기록
    3. “Save page” 클릭
  5. 선전선동물 확보
    • 명주/방원씨 사이에 있는 책상 옆에 있음
    • 구역 별로 최소한 20우리말/5개 스페인어/5개 영어의 전단지 (포스터 말고) 준비. 뿌릴 필요는 없으나 포스터 붙이는 도중 누가 이를 요청할 경우 주면 됨
  6. 포스터 붙이기
    • 클립 보드를 준비하여 다음을 기록
      1. 언어별로 몇개 붙엿는지, 전단지 몇개 뿌렸는지
      2. 행사 끝난 후 포스터 떼어줄것을 요청한 비즈니스 주소와 이름
    • 비즈니스 복합건물을 할 것. 다른 구역과 교차하는 교차로일 경우 (예: 8th & Western 등) 2개마다 1개 구역에 포스터 붙일 것
  7. 보고
    • 언어별로 몇개 붙엿는지 웹에 자신의 이름 옆에 기록할것
    • 포스터 제거 요청한 비즈니스 주소와 이름 여기다 기록
    • 남은 선전선동물은 stock 으로 되돌릴 것

Thur 3/16

  • Poster & Flyer Drop-Off: Irene 11:30am-12:00pm
  • Poster & Flyer Pickup: Shannon 1:30-2:00pm
  • KIWA Korean History Group: Yongho – Outcome: 8 Flyers (5K 2E 1S), 3 Posters (2K 1S)

Fri 3/17

  • Wilshire Bl, North Side (Hobart-Vermont) : Sehwan 15:00-17:00
  • Wilshire Bl, South Side (Hobart-Vermont) : Sehwan 15:00-17:00 visited 10 office buildings, 0 posters

Sat 3/18

  • BRU Mtg/Anti-War Rally: Yongho 11:00am-3:00pm. Outcome: 30 E/S flyers
  • Glendale: Shannon

Sun 3/19

  • Church: Yongho 25 K flyers, 1 EP 1KP

Mon 3/20

  • Wilshire Bl, North Side, Wilton-Hobart YK 2:00-3:15pm
  • Wilshire Bl, North Side, Hobart-Vermont : YK 3:15-4:00pm
  • Wilshire Bl, South Side, Western-Wilton YK 4:00-4:30pm
    outcome: Flyers: 27 E/K, 6 S/E, Posters: 12K
  • Wilshire Bl, North Side, Wilton-Western: SH 2:00-2:15pm
  • Wilshire Bl, South Side, Western-Vermont : SH 2:15-4:00pm
    outcome: posters : (6K), flyers : (6k-e, 6k)
  • Western Ave, East Side (Beverly-Wilshire): SP & SH 5:45-7:15pm
  • Western Ave, West Side (Beverly-Wilshire): SP & SH 5:45-7:15pm
    outcome: 30-40 poster
  • Olympic Ave, Western-Irolo, North Side: JC & TY 5:45-7:15pm
  • Olympic Ave, Western-Irolo, South Side: JC & TY 5:45-7:15pm
    outcome: 40 posters
  • Olympic Ave, Irolo-Vermont, North Side: YM & MH 5:45-7:15pm
  • Olympic Ave, Irolo-Vermont, South Side: YM & MH 5:45-7:15pm
    outcome: Flyer: 11S, 14E, 30K. Poster: 9K, 1S (23 places, 3 bus stops, 13 hand outs)
  • Western Ave, Wilshire-Olympic, East Side: JC& TY
  • Western Ave, Wilshire-Olympic, West Side: JC & TY
  • Sunset and Alvarado: Shannon (2 Asian Markets)
    will do both flyering and postering
  • 8th St, Western-Normandie/Irolo, north & south:
  • 8th St, South Side, Irolo-Vermont:
  • Olympic Ave, North Side (Crenshaw-Western) YM
  • Olympic Ave, South Side (Crenshaw-Western) YM
  • Vermont Ave, East Side (Wilshire-Olympic)
  • Vermont Ave, West Side (Wilshire-Olympic)
  • Torrance/Gardena:
  • Cerritos/Norwalk:






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