Reagan i had NOTHING to do with…

Reagan: “i had NOTHING to do with kremlim. Except my new Reagan international hotel in moscow. I gotta.lobby for that shit you know? I have a cousin who went to Harvard, she’s got a tremendous body, very hot, the best brains, its in the genes folks. She had to lobby like hell to open her new office building in Zaire. Lobbied on him like a bitch, if you know what i mean. Hot stuff. Believe me, we make the best deals. How many hotels does Lying Carter have in the Lebensraum? None. Very bad mensch, folks. Oh and the meeting with the soviet embassador? Everyone does that, its routine stuff. Fake news, dont believe the failing new york times. You should check out Pravda, it means “truth” in Soviet language. No one knew this before. How is a paper called truth be lying for shit? People blacklisted in pravda were showing up dead next day. Slick, clean jobs. Its tremendous, folks, the Moscow Hotel is going to be the biggest in the world. I made the best deal with Krushnev. He also helped me with the elections last year. Completely legal stuff, believe me. Believe me. I won 137% of the vote. Its a win of epic proportions.”






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