I was feeling sick and going over my…

I was feeling sick and going over my past reddit posts just to kill time until it’s time to sleep (to not mess up my sleep schedule), and found this post from a year ago that I think still makes sense.


After 15 episodes in, Designated Survivor is feeling like a comical satire of the Trump administration. In some parts, there are parallel connections, and in some others, if we were to get inside Trump supporters’ minds, this is how they would imagine themselves – fighting the good fight to protect an embattled, post-apocalyptic America. In the 2000 movie The Cell, detectives enter a psychopath’s mind, materialized into a virtual-reality-of-sorts through a machine, where there are horrific depictions of their depraved thoughts, but in some scenes also some of them are represented beautifully because that’s how the psychopath feels about it internally. Now apply that mechanism to Trump and their supporters.

For starters, he was never elected to public office prior to the presidency, and only became president due to a technicality. His swearing-in ceremony was the “largest in history”, and those present really believed in the legitimacy of his presidency.

He has led a holy crusade against the ravaging mainstream media, who keeps running hit pieces on dear leader. The press secretary is misspeaking-machine-on-wheels (phase 1) and then improves and just outright lies to everyone on everything (phase 2) (Although for Trump it’s Phase 2 first)

Let’s go on..



Online reception of the Trump’s latest citizenship comment…

Online reception of the Trump’s latest citizenship comment is a bit mixed, because the Korean media (in this case, both peninsular and U.S. based) has long (20+ years?) established a standard buzzword to frame the issue: Expedition Birth (원정출산)

The word Expedition has been combined with a few choice words to frame a couple topics that pertain to women and the Chinese people in the media. Expedition Shopping Trips, etc. There is a bit of a right-wing bias in the term, but it’s more strongly used as a click-baity keyword and I think even progressive media have sometimes used it as a way to summarize the whole topic.

The expression produces a pretty vivid image in peoples minds and leads to a foregone conclusion: “Greedy, unpatriotic upper middle class women (as if devoid of their spouses) travel to the U.S. to get free citizenship, and avoid military service for their future son, and all kinds of “upper middle class benefits” to their child-to-be-born”.

U.S. based Korean American media’s comment sections are abuzz with the keyword. I’m not sure if progressives have looked into, or developed counters to the frame.


It’s unfortunate that the real fake news and…

It’s unfortunate that the real fake news (and no, I don’t mean Fox News.. i mean, the real, original fake news.. fake news *sites*) is not surfacing to the public attention anymore, because it’s been suspected to be one of the factors leading up to 45*’s election.

It would be unfortunate that just because we have a biased right wing media, and Dems are picking up on the incorrect adoption of the term to attack Fox News, we give this issue a blind eye when fake news sites are alive and well:

  • Websites created with the sole purpose of generating clicks and ad revenue (a link farm on steroids, if you will)
  • Masquerading as news sites with some fancy name
  • Existing across the political spectrum, but with an overwhelming majority with headlines biased in favor of Trump, because let’s face it, everyone is dumb to an extent but Trump supporters are a special kind of stupid. The progressive base’s ROI with fake news sites can’t ever hope to compete with the i’m-swimming-in-cash level ROI with Trump.
  • Where the header is 90% of the content, with the remaining article body being either arbitrarily cut & pasted from other sources, or seemingly procedurally generated from click-baity content formats
  • Prospers from an internet culture where users don’t read the article they see from a friend, but simply re-share it in their timeline to make a political statement (usually in the form of “I hate Clinton”)
  • Is initially “seeded” by the site creators, but later acquires a life of its own after going viral
  • With 99% of traffic being generated from social media link shares, and having its biggest client in Facebook. And Facebook is suspected to have let it fester, because it still meant more business for Facebook in terms of user engagement

Mid-term elections season is approaching – are we going to do anything about this?


facebook is running a survey that pops up…

facebook is running a survey that pops up and takes over the entire screen (you can’t click on anything else until you respond or close it) where it literally asks “do you agree with the following statement: facebook is good for the world”

fuck you facebook. manipulative piece of shit


45* we’ll do it trade war in…

45*: “we’ll do it (trade war) in a very loving way, loving loving way”

all the immigrants who fell for trump saying he would “deal with immigration with heart” are now just learning that Mr. Embarrassment to the Human Race (TM)’s limited vocabulary defaults to “love” and “heart” to refer to things that are not directly related to profits.

Trump thinks that the KKK is a group that “deals with immigration with heart” because, unlike Blackwater, they are not in this to make money. Puzzling, I know. So he decided to give it a label to make sense of these things- “heart”, “love”.


Seeing Nunberg in the news keep reading as…

Seeing Nunberg in the news, keep reading as Nuremberg. Nuremberg.. Nuremberg trials, ooh yeah..